Rover For Sale with accessories - Indiana

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I have a rover for sale, new chain and new brakes with wheel guards and luggage rack. I am also selling my burley trailer with it. Asking $2,000 for everything obo.


  • I might be interested in just the trailer if you find someone who doesn't want or need it. If you were to sell it separately, how much would you want for it? Also, what model is it?
  • I'd want $200 for the flatbed. But I won't sell the trailer unless I can also sell the Trike. If I keep the trike I might as well keep the trailer.
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    Pic from before I added the Wheel Guards
  • For what it is worth, your Rover is 2014 or earlier model (they changed from gray to blue since 2015). I would suggest you list all the major components you have. It looks like you have an 8 speed internally geared hub (probably a Nexus), you have a seat bag, rear fender, trunk bag with fold-out panniers, and a water bottle holder. I bought my Rover used when it was a year and a half old. I paid $600. We own 3 trikes, all purchased used, and never had to pay more than 50% of the cost of just the trike, and all 3 trikes came with accessories of one sort or another. The Burley trailer model you have sells new for $229 w/ free shipping on Amazon.

    Probably your best bet is going to be to keep everything. Folks here on the Forum can help you find ways to improve your ride and riding experience. Otherwise, I would suggest you drop the price to something like $999 for everything if you don't get any takers at the price you are asking. A new Rover w/ warranty (only good for the original purchaser) with an internal 8 rear hub is $1500. So, again, someone could purchase everything that can be seen in the photo brand new for roughly $2000 and have a warranty. Just sayin...
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    While I appreciate your entirely unsolicited criticism of my ad. But you are off by at least $300 before I factor in the Patterson two-speed on the front which is almost another $300 by itself. Now if you had come to my ad asking after everything I would have gladly itemized everything, instead you came to my ad and basically told anyone that stops by that this price is wrong and I'm an idiot for asking for it.

    If we assume the person buying a new rover wants to do the work themselves it will only cost them ~$2600 to get the setup I have, and a lot more if they need someone to do the upgrades for them. Please learn some tact in your posting and if it's not for you then kindly move along.

    Let me also remind you that first you came asking after just the trailer when I wanted to sell it all as a whole, then you came back a criticized my selling.
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