Chonk’s Challenge

Is that a road it is on, and will it be open to traffic during the hill climb??


  • In the past it has been an area within the park where they close the "road" to motor vehicles.

    It destroyed my legs last year, but I was stupid. Three of us decided to do both the long (~20 miles) and the short (~10 miles) rides. I was riding my electric assist (BBSHD) Rover and after completing these 30 miles, I still felt pretty good, so I decided to do the short (maybe ~2 miles) hill climb. About half way up the first relatively easy hill, my battery died. My pride wouldn't let me quit at that point, so I continued and finished. Working against me at that point was the 20# extra weight (BBSHD battery & motor) and the 46 tooth front cog of the BBSHD in place of the stock 28 tooth front cog, making a difficult task that much tougher for me. And I wasn't even the last to finish. But this was all entirely of my own doing.

    Hopefully, I'm better fit and smarter this year.
  • If the weather looks guud I’ll sign up the last week before. I plan on just an 11 mile loop, then the hill climb. I think it is after lunch. Gotta fill the tank so my sugar won’t fall during climb. That would be the end of it for me.
  • I'm doing everything ! Then I'll pop a couple Advil and drive two hours home. Once there I'll be so stiff I'll need to crawl out of the car. Big fun.
  • I’ll have to go. Just to see you get in and out of your low rider. Saw two of those on last nights ride.
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