Solar Triking

This group uses e-assist with solar panels, some as canopies. Novel idea since the panels would get cooling when riding.

Delic Eco -



  • Great idea but it's just more weight to help only occasionally. I try to ride when the sun isn't shining so it's a little cooler.
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    I ride north late so sun is behind trees to the west. Now if I could just find the time when the deer flies aren’t looking for their next meal.
  • And deer ticks
  • A few circled me tonight. Downwind they knew I was coming. But on the way back was worse. Thinking hard about those electronic fly swatters on my knees. Or a solar panel powered
    fly zapper grid in front on riders.
  • Is the loop the group rides at Riderfest in open areas or woods? I know Millenium has water. Thanks.
  • When I lived in Missouri, deer flies destroyed a float trip for me. They really liked my sunscreen. We ended up walking the canoe most of the way so we were in the water and away from the flies.
  • My wife sometimes uses skin so soft from Avon. Has both a body soap
    for shower and an oil to be applied after. Doesn’t work for all. I’ve had diff results with deer flies depending on what soap I use in am. I have been using lemon eucalyptus dope applied liberally at the start of the ride.
  • the pix leaves a story untold. see

    the adventures of justin and ann-sophie features a rover tandem with electric front wheels. for design, build, test, trip notes see

    12,000 km - what an experience!
  • Finn59 wrote: »
    My wife sometimes uses skin so soft from Avon. Has both a body soap
    for shower and an oil to be applied after. Doesn’t work for all. I’ve had diff results with deer flies depending on what soap I use in am. I have been using lemon eucalyptus dope applied liberally at the start of the ride.

    Will I need to bring something with me to Michigan?
  • I am still waiting for an answer about how wooded/enclosed the ride will be. I normally ride in late afternoon. Non an am person. Start drinking caffeine agane. Bring something that has eucalyptus + lemon. Do a google search to see what is a good product that is available that has the necessary
    ingredients. Love bugs aren’t in Michigan.
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    @Finn59 what does deer flies have to do with Solar Power & Trikes?

    @JamesR thanks! :) 7,456.45 miles!! Yikes. They were required to use only solar power to power their e-assisted motors.

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  • Someone call Norfolk and Southern, this topic has derailed.
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    Found more over here:
    Complete with a live map of progress. :)

    Rover Tandem for base model - They used a rower mechanism too.




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  • May not believe it but Wind would seroiusly create a issue with ride and handling with those large panels.
  • I couldn’t use one because of the time of day I ride. Sun is low and it’s buggy out. I’d buy a ticket to see a trike fly with a solar panel on top. Have panels on top of air foil shapes out to the side. Take flight. Defeats the purpose of riding, Bruce. (Dumb Finns. They enjoy the cold too much. It’s affecting their brain. )
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  • I find all these things sorta gimmicky.
  • Hafta have a gimmick for it to sell. A deli closeby has a sandwich called the Gimmick. Lotsa starches.
  • above posted pix of anne-sophie and justin on their terratrike steed was taken months back in canada. crossing into iran a few hours ago, it now has electric front wheels and apparently a nuvinci rear hub.

    twitter postings dont indicate problems using a solar panel as a sunshade or trailer top. quite practical on a trike considering ultraviolet exposure and hydration needs on long summer trips. good proof of concept as well for reliability of batteries, motors and solar panels.

    good postings as the drama unfolds at
  • Not solar, but never the less unusual in the evolution of recumbent trikes.

    Row Trike anyone? Man, this looks like a work out!

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  • This version of a Row Trike looks way better and more stable! You can bet that the rider will get rid of they belly fat in no time with something along this line.

    Rowing needed water or was stationary. Now they are showing up on the streets. Probably too gimmicky, yet could be a niche if a USA based trike company gives one a whirl.

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  • The ride in Riderfest is mostly on roads (unused for the most part, so no hazards there) and/or wide paths through prairie grass areas. There is a short span through woods, but the bugs aren't really a bother (or weren't a bother last year).
    Bring sun screen lotion, as the part on the asphalt path in the prairie grass has ZERO shielding from the sun.
    Funniest part for me was that it STARTS with what feels like a 12% gradient uphill to get from Johnson Park parking lot up to the road and riding path, but it's a short distance. Gets the heart started and pumping nice and early.
    You can Google Earth on Johnson Park, and look for the east/west road to the south of it and the old industrial area to the east that the paths take you to/through.

    WARNING: I write from the experience of the shorter path. If you opt for the longer 20 mile path (there's a fork on the return journey where you make that decision), there may well be more time spent in the woods. I don't know.
  • Here is the video from last years Riderfest 13 mile ride that I did. This should give you an idea of the ride.

  • That was nice to see. Hope those narrow bridges are one way only. Would have been nice to see the “Hill
    Climb” grade. 13 mi + hill climb will
    be enough for me. Let’s hope for an artic front the day before.
  • OMG, the colors in that video are so vivid. Must have been filmed with a very expensive camera!
  • I have a video of the hill climb, I will have to dig it up and post it.
  • Thank you.
  • Nice Video, Peanut. By the way, to what is your camera mounted?
  • That one I had it mounted to the derailleur post. I now have it mounted on my headrest. I got the parts from RAM Mount for the mounting of it. I can lift the back end of my trike off the ground with the way I have it mounted now.
  • Here is the video of the Hill Climb. On the downhill part of the run I was hitting 28 mph while riding the breaks.

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