One month...

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and 300 miles; not a lot however, I don't like riding in the rain and we've had a bit of that around here. Evidently, the toe-in is adjusted correctly as there's no noticeable wear on the tires--kudoes to the Terra Trike folks. I am having some difficulty adjusting the neck rest but that's just a matter of trial and error until I get it right. This month is our transition as we move from rain to snow, so I'm not sure how much riding I'll be able to get in but I'm enjoying every mile.


  • We've definitely made the transition to snow--took a short ride today; although the traction wasn't too bad I think I'll be taking the fenders off for the winter and look for some different tires. Does anyone have any experience as to what the largest size that would fit--with and without fenders?

  • With a fender you can't go any wider than 1.75". Without a fender you can go up to 2". Your picture almost made me cry...and not because I love snow that much :(
    Kelli B
    Sales, TerraTrike
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