New trike owner wants Michigan trike ride list.

edited May 2012 in Michigan
After 30 years of not being able to ride I bought a couple of trikes, a Catrike expedition and a Terratrike Zoomer. I have the Cat on a trainer in front of a TV. I am looking forward to riding this summer more than I can say. Is there a listing of rides and tours etc. In Michigan?


  • try looking up rails to trails. There is the dalmac tour, the one hellava ride tour, and my personal favorites, the spring and fall big mac bike tours.
  • I'm not sure there is anything just about trike rides..
    But the league of Michigan bicycle has a event calendar with stuff on it every weekend al over the state. ... eventlist/

    If you want to ride give me a call
    Brian walker
    616-four zero two- 89 one six..
  • There is a great club around Lansing - they sponsor the Delmac
  • Thank you all. I have gotten a lot of information on both rails to trails and general rides. Now just waiting for the weater to break.
  • ScJackson- how would you compare the ride of the terratrike to the catrike? i started with a TT cruiser, then upgraded to a zoomer SL. i like it, but the angle of the seat must be a bit different than my cruiser (plus the aluminum doesn't absorb road shock as well) and i can't get comfortable no matter what i do. after a few months of riding i developed a severe bone bruise on my tailbone (coccxy). i've tried different back angles, and even made a custom seat cushion with a cut-out (i'm a physical therapist). one doctor i see said she sees this a lot with recumbent trikes. she doesn't want me to ride at all, but of course that is not going to happen. :) But i've had to cut my rides short- an hour is painful but tolerable, but i'm pretty miserable if i ride longer than an hour. i know you're a lot more reclined in the catrike but i've never ridden one. i've heard some negative comments regarding neck stress with the catrike, plus being more reclined forces you into a more forward-head position which i'm trying to avoid.
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