Boom length and replacement

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I have been wondering about boom lengths and what 'size' my boom is. Seems to be about 16.5" long. Since I have short legs and one of my chief complaints is that it feels like too much of a stretch to my pedals (which results in sliding down in the seat), I'm wondering what size that boom would be considered and if I can buy a replacement. If I can get one, what lengths are they, do they match my 3.6's color (or even could I get it in black!?) and what do they run?
Thanks for any feedback!


  • Sounds like you have a medium boom.

    12 - XS
    14 - S
    16 - M
    18 - XL

    You can buy a replacement and it is $100. If you want a custom color that will be extra.
    Kelli B
    Sales, TerraTrike
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