Should be Doctor's orders.

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:D Yesterday I was feeling crappy all dang day. That was until I decided to grab my helmet and put my butt bag on the back of the seat and take off and go for a small ride. After I got back the cramps were still there was feeling a little crappy but mentally was feeling better. LIke I said should be all doctor's orders. If you feel depressed and down get a TT if you can't afford a TT get a whatever recumbent trike you can afford. I will stand flat foot and tell you al. Riding my EZ 3 SX at the time saved my life. Now riding my TT Path 8 is saving my life.


  • I agree completely! I can ride my Rover better than I can walk. Plus, the cardio I get from riding is making my heart DR very pleased with me :)
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  • All I know is when I'm off of Bumble Bee for a week I'm a real S,O.B until I can get back on it. Then it's like all of the crap that's piled up on me goes out of the tires and on to the street or the sidewalk. But when I'm off I'm like man I can't wait to get my Trike fix.
  • I agree with you! When I can not ride my path8/24speed, it really bugs me. Riding my trike is one thing I like to call ME time! The fact that it also saves me money on gas is great as well.
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