Who rode Sunday August 29? And where did you ride?

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We rode the White Pine Trail from River Side Park to Sand Lake today, beautiful day to ride. There was a number of us who where going to ride Saturday but due to the weather we had to cancel :( . Just wondering if any one on this board rode the White Pine today? We passed a total of 8 trikes at differant parts on the trail. Hubby and I where on our Tandem Trike, because we where clipping along we didn't stop to talk to anyone. (sorry) In passing we noticed alot of "Triker Grins" :mrgreen: It was great to see that many of us out there.


  • I rode early Sunday morning in the "San Diego midnight madness " ride it was a great fund raiser and a lot of fun!
  • I rode Sunday early-evening around downtown Grand Rapids.

    I forgot to start my Garmin after my first stop.

    I also got to try out my new headlamp:
    Remington RMHL4AA-B 3 watt/150 Lumen LED
    Buy.com has them for $20 right now.

    Amazingly bright, but thankfully I didn't need to do any blood tracking.
  • I rode my normal route. down james to lakeshore, Lakeshore to croswell, croswell to 144th and back to james then home.

    Then this Morning We went out and started on Kent trail but after 2 mins both rotors on cruiser were rubbing so we packed up headed to terratrike they fixed issue and then we did the paul henry near the store. we ended up with 11 miles.
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