WindWrap GX Fairing

I'm looking for some advice on whether or not I should purchase a lightly used Windwrap GX Fairing for my TerraTrike Tour II. I am new to recumbent triking, and just purchased my Tour II about 3 months ago. Prior to that I rode a DF, mostly commuting, year round in North Idaho. I am considering the fairing for winter commuting.

So with that in mind, my guess is that the fairings biggest advantage for me would be to help cut down on the wind chill factor. Can anyone give me advice on how much of a difference it makes? My winter commute can get down to low 20's/high teens and has gone down to 0 on occasion. I don't want to spend $300 dollars and be disappointed, but I also don't want to pass up a good deal if it will make a difference.

Are there any fairing users out there that want to pass on some wisdom?


  • RideCDA,
    You should also look for answers to your question at BentRider Online.
    Their readers will be able to help you too. 
  • I posted over there as well. I thought I would post here in the hopes of getting feedback from a Tour II owner.



  • I watched a video review from a guy in England. He started off his ride dressed as normal for  low 50's morning. He only rode a few minutes and was shucking clothes! Good thing he was in layers.

    I am seriously thinking about one for my Rambler. If you get it, I'd be interested in hearing your review.

  • I went ahead and purchased it Saturday. Not sure how much I'll use it when it's hot during the summer, but I'll definitely post a review for the winter commute. Several people at the shop told me how much faster I would be with the fairing, but comfort is more important than speed to me, so I want max airflow over me right now.

    I was impressed with how easy it is to take off and install, so if I'm going to go for a long early morning ride when it's windy out, I may throw it on and see how it works.

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