Electric motor for Tandem Pro

I have a disabled 19 year old son - He likes to ride but I need help pulling him along sometimes - I have been shopping online for electric helper motors but am completely confused about which one to buy - can anyone let me know good or bad?

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  • http://ridekick.com/ ; I think the Ridekick model is by far the most compelling. They're in the midst of a model change-over now, though, and have not yet started shipping their new and much improved model. I have ours pre-ordered with them.. for use on a Rover Tandem.
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    I've seen a couple of tandem pro people using a Ridekick for help. I talked with one of the guys at the Midwest Recumbent Rally a few years ago. He transported the trike in an enclosed trailer. I think they were from somewhere in Waukesha County.

    The other couple is from West Bend and they are old SAAGBRAW friends from the mid-1980s. I saw them on the Bugline Trail a few weeks ago when it was warm here in the Milwaukee area.

    I don't know the details of the batteries in either Ridekick. I think I saw an article once about some people who went across the US with a Ridekick and the kicker was they were using SLA batteries. Cheap but limited range. Maybe they carried extra batteries or they had a follow car with batteries.

    Details of a couple of folks using a Tandem Pro with electric assist are available in the following newspaper article. http://www.villages-news.com/electric-assist-bicycle/

    Recently Diana & Gabe traded in their TerraTrike for tandem Ti-Trike, with power assist.
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