Terra Crusier $1200.00

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Terra Trike for Sale in Lubbock, Texas
Upgraded Shifters, Marathon Plus Tires, Rear Rack with Cargo Bag, Under Seat Cargo Bag, Foam Seat Cushion, Short Boom, SPD Pedals, little over 1000 miles. Year Old


  • Hi--I'm interested even though I'm in CO.
    Are you the original owner? How much would a cruiser with the features yours has cost new? What's your experience riding the trike? I'd be interested in anything you have to say about the trike. Thanks for your time -- CK
  • PS--What size is it?
  • It was my wifes we purchased it last October new from Easy Street in Austin.
    I had a purchased a Sun EZ1 about four years ago and only rode it less than a 100 miles so last March my wife started riding it and we had
    a old DF I was riding, I purchased a Sun Tomahawk recumbent at the local bike shop and we rode about 500 miles last summer, we went to Austin
    to purchase my wife a new recumbent and test rode the trikes and we can not stop.. we purchase two on the spot, I have upgrade to a differant
    model and now my wife wants a new trike so we are selling hers.
    She likes the trike because it set higher off the ground, and the seat was adjustable, very easy for her to get off and on.
    Purchase price was $1495.00 before upgrades...
    This has the small boom installed she is 5'2, they sell differant size booms in which you will have to swap out and add some links of chain.
    upgrades are: foam seat cushion $30.00, Upgrade to to the thumb shifters(bar end) instead of the twist (was easier for her to work) $175.00,
    Rear Rack $100.00, Terra Trike commuter bag $99.00, under the seat bag $49.95, Just added Marathon Plus tires (anti thorn) $49.95 each = $150.00.
    This is a great entry level trike very stead going down hills due to its steering, riding the trikes have changed our world.
  • what is it? I think it's a wonderfull idea!!!!

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