Patterson Drive compatible with IPS?

Hello forum:

My wife and I just bought a Rover Tandem, and are picking it up Tuesday.

My wife and I have different fitness and riding levels. We got the Rover tandem with the IPS and 8 speed internal hub rear.

I see from the forums I can install a Patterson 2 speed drive up front but I also want to allow my wife to have the "granny low" gear at the rear station, as she has never ridden a bicycle in her life, and I've been a more avid trail rider and getting back into flatland road riding. I also want the multispeed so I can move us both along when she needs a break.

Is a Patterson drive compatible with the Rover Tandem's IPS system at all? I haven't seen the IPS personally yet (our demo ride didn't have IPS and the Terratrike dealer is about 3 hours away so we won't get our bike until Tuesday) so have no idea how IPS is implemented.

thanks in advance for any advice, wisdom or knowledge. :)


  • It does work with IPS only in the captains position. 
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  • Anyone tried the SRAM Dual Drive System?
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    We used to own a Sun tandem with IPS, or maybe a better acronym woutd be ICS for independent coasting system. It lets one rider not pedal while the other rider pedals. With IPS the timing rings are on the right side. The Patterson is not going to work for your wife. If you put it in the captain's position only you would benefit.

    The way IPS works is that as someone else mentioned it uses a BMX freewheel in the crankset so either rider can freewheel. For both captain and stoker to have IPS, they both need an IPS crankset. I am sure the IPS that TT uses is the Sun system and it is capable of using triple rings at the stoker crankset. Of course you would have to fabricate a derailleur post to use a triple ring setup on a Rover. If you were using a rear derailleur instead of an IGH, you could use a DualDrive. Another option is a Rohloff hub that gives a wider gear range, but then you are getting into a very costly setup.
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  • Anyone tried the SRAM Dual Drive System?
  • Thank You!
  • Here's a link for the DualDrive. Uses a twist shifter with 3 positions. First position is the underdrive, middle position is 1:1, and last position is the overdrive. 
    John Werner
    Rover Tandem Alfine 11 /w IPS
  • Tspoon2
    I am getting back into riding, and have read everything on this tandem forum. I have the Rover i8, soon to be a tandem.
    I watched a couple of videos on the SRAM Dual Drive. What a neat thing.
    I have low vision, so I won't be the Captain, the girlfriend will be the Captain.
    When I saw the videos, got to thinking.
    Why not put the SRAM Dual Drive on a 26" wheel and the shifter in the stoker position and the IPS for the Captain. Being anewbie again, this seems like a good option for the Captain, since she won't be as strong a rider as I am.
    Do you or anyone else have thoughts on this setup?
    Do you think it would work?
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