Rear tire lean?

I recently acquired a couple of Terra Trike Cruisers (the blue ones) and my son and I have been riding them around the neighborhood. When he is behind me, he says my rear tire really leans when I am turning. I put him on the bike and it does seem to lean a little, but he seems to think it is too much when I am on it. I have checked the wheel and it is tight and nothing seems out of the ordinary. It feels ok when I am riding it and I do not notice any weird sounds or feeling coning from the rear. Am I just over cautious and this is normal or is it something I should be concerned about? I assume it is normal. I am a big guy and I imagine I put some extra side load on the wheels when I turn, but would like someone else's confirmation of my thoughts.


  • Does it matter which Trike you sit on ? It might just be that the design of the kingpins causes a natural lean on a turn...try just turning the wheels full left or right and see if the rear wheel sits at 90 degrees to the floor or it now sits a bit turned into the direction of the turn. also as you turn it could also be a combination of tire pressure and rider weight that makes it look leaned into the turn.
    I think that it sounds like what the bike actually does without seeing how much lean your talking about....
  • What you said about rider weight and momentum toward the turn is what I am thinking. The kingpins seem tight and the bike is sensitive to steering so I do not think there is a lot of slop in the steering system. I will check the turning of the wheels left and right when I get home.
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    I do not truly agree with your statements... Yes the rear wheel is mounted to the frame ..but...
    The kingpins are each angled and the front wheels rotate around the axis the kingpins have them mounted to. under load from riding I would think that some amount of distortion happens across the bike to keep both wheels on the ground when turning to the extremes which might be noticed as a bit of lean in the rear wheel....I think that when riding the rear wheel will lean slightly away from the turn.
    If your turn is to the right the rt wheel is closer to the rear wheel and the left wheel is now further....
    The opposite is true in a left turn.

  • They were previously owned by an older couple and there is some wear, but nothing that seems out of the ordinary. There is some flex in the chassis, but not much. I have ridden it about 20 miles do far with no problems other than I feel extremely slow on it compared to my two wheeled recumbent. It seems to have a rubbing feeling in the higher gears like it is rubbing against the pulleys/tensioners. There is some pronounced chain wear on one of those so I may change it in the near future. My son is crazy fast on his and he can leave me in the dust. On my two wheeler it is the opposite. I am trying to figure out all the quirks of a 3 wheeler. Hopefully sooner than later.
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