squeaking ???

When I turn the handle bars with the trike raise there seems to be some squeaking in the system. Not sure where it originates. The tie rods or the actual part of the trike that turns above the wheels.
Any thoughts on how to check it out easiest ??


  • I raised the trike with my partially built stand. awhen disconnecting the tie rod I noticed a big difference between each side. The left is a lot easier to turn. I did not notice any grease under the part that holds the top allen screw over the handlebar. the special washer with the cone shape to it.
    Wondering if the person that did the assembly used any grease ?
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    You don't need grease that far up. There may be a small amount of grease around the bottom of the handlebar clamp. That is below the big cone washer with allen screw. Any grease on the shaft inside the clamp could cause the clamp to slip on the shaft and you don't want that.
    If you don't have squeaking when the trike is on the ground, and it turns the way you like it, I would leave it alone. You want very little to no grease above the axle. This is because when the trike is on the ground and/or you're sitting on it, the weight is sitting on the lower portion of the king pin, and bottom side of the axle.
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