Daniel and Clara Johnson. 501 south Pine St. Inman KS.
Planning to join the ranks of Tandem riders this week (hopefully). The lbs is supposed to get our tandem Rover in this week! Hopefully we can try it out on the weekend


  • So... How does it work to register a trike with TT. I can't get the website to work when I try. I haven't been able to register my Rambler and now I/ we have a tandem...
    We put the tandem on the street this evening for a short ride. It is mre fun than a barrel of monkeys! We had the LBS install my 26 inch wheel on the rear, with the external 8 ( we ordered the tandem wth the external derailer ) and we really like the large rear wheel. The LBS personnel said Terra Trike wasn't sure it would work, but it does and really well. The wife and I rode, and then our 12 year old son and I rode... We all like it! Someone along the street said "now that looks like fun"
  • I would try giving TerraTrike a call on the 800 number.
  • Definately, give them a call.
  • You need two accounts on this website.  One is to post comments here and the other is under My Terra Trike.  That area is where you register your trikes.  You also need the My Terra Trike account to purchase items.  But, I'm sure it will be quicker to call and have them do it.  
  • The best advise I can give you is to ride regularly.  I had been going out every other day.  My last ride was Sunday then I went to a preseason baseball game on Tuesday.  The sun wore me out so much, I couldn't even think about riding yesterday.  Today it was very tough.  It didn't help that we had 21 mph gusts.  I felt like I was pedaling but standing still.

    Ride often and enjoy!
  • My thoughts exactly, Florida bound! Ride often and enjoy. My sympathies on the wind, I know how that can be. I live in Kansas.
    We went out and rode 10.5 miles tonight. Both Clara and I loved every minute of it! Average speed over the total was 8.7 miles an hour. Considering that about half of the ride was in town I thought we did okay.
    I built a chain gobbler for my Rambler and shortened it for our 12 year old son Tristan. He rode the Rambler tonight. Thanks to all of you for your help with how to register the trikes. Now I'll have to get the numbers and call them. You all take care and "happy triking!"
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