Do you actually travel with your Traveler?

I'm new to the TerraTrike world.  We are full-time RVers and I needed a trike that would fit easily into a smaller space.  I was set on a Rover but found it wouldn't break down enough for us to travel with it.  I began checking into the Traveler and worried the "joints" where it folded would be weak and would break quickly. Once I saw it in person, I knew that wouldn't be the case.  Found a dealer, bought one and have found it meets all of my needs.  It will fit easily in our tow vehicle, it is simple to break down and set back up and the ride is very comfortable.

I looked at the travel case and I know it can't stand the stress of what we need.  What do you use to protect your trike when you transport it?  I'm looking at folding it up, putting the seat on the top, locking it into the bed of the truck and covering with a tarpaulin that is bungee strapped around it all.

I look forward to the ways you protect your trike.  


  • Hi I have Traveler and so far i fold it up to ride the bike trails in the Twin Cities Metro. I fold in half and don't bother folding the outriggers. This bike has the 26 inch on the rear . And was pitched into going with 24s on all wheels. I was told that the folding would be compromised. But the over all ride would improve. My current set barley fits in my 2015 Subaru Forester and will not load in my 08 Outback when folded. 
  • I'm in the Minneapolis area also and have a Traveler.  Since I have a small car I just fold up the Trike and place it on top of a piece of cardboard in the trunk.  It's nice and secure there.  When it's time to unfold it or fold it for storage I place it on the cardboard to prevent and scratches and/or scrapes to the frame.
  • Thanks for your responses!  Numar thanks for letting me know how the folding goes when you've made some adjustments to the stock model.

    Stumblefoot, Thanks for the tip about the cardboard.  We have a "Welcome" mat than I and put the trike on to prevent damage.
  • I have a Traveler that I rarely travel with, but it's handy when I go to an out of town conference, it'll fit in the trunk of my Camry.  A bit more cumbersome than I'd hoped, however I do have MS which impacts my moving around so that complicates matters.  I need to remove the rack before folding which adds a bit extra time, I generally don't use it when travelling.  I keep an old blanket under / around it in the trunk which doubles as a place to kneel and fold / unfold the trike.
  • Can you tell me where you bought your traveler rack?? You can call me 36o 344 2858. Thanks. Marie
  • I bought the TerraTrike rack at the dealer, in my case Penn Cycles in the twin cities.  The rack is also available on the TerraTrike website under accessories. (
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