Traveler Fits Into Passat Trunk, Just Barely!!!

Just wanted to say that I AM RELIEVED. All that I had read previously made me not even wonder if the Treveler would fit in my Passat trunk!! Well, I got to measuring and found that I had only 16 1/2" of height to my trunk. Then I took the trunk liner totally out to expose the spare tire. Right on top of the spare tire was a Jack which I moved to a side location, leaving a nice "hole" and more clearance!! With this hole exposed, we were able to put the Traveler in without too much difficulty. WHEW!!!!

I went to the local bike shop with my dog trailer and dog. We hooked up the trailer to an IGH 8 speed for me to assess the gear ratio for my driving this 44 lb load. It was amazing as I did not even feel that much difference whether Jack (24 lbs) was in the trailer or not. I was fine working my legs up the incline. It was good exercise and I will only get stronger. I wanted to check this gear range because the Traveler that I have ordered will have even a better range with the NuVinci N380.

Today I also went and test drove a Catrike as well as laying eyes on a Gekko. Both would not fit into my trunk. After driving the Catrike, I maybe felt that it was a better ride for me. I did not feel the difference was significant enough to override the ability to store the Traveler in the trunk of my Passat, which is a huge advantage for me in my thinking. So now the waiting starts for those 2016 models to come out.


  • That's good news, Marie. Have they given you any idea yet of a release date?

    I'm wondering if they plan on having a Traveler with a 3-chainring derailleur system up front and the Nuvinci hub in back. That would really give some wide gearing options.

    Doing a bit of comparison between the N360 and the N380 it looks to me like the new N380 will give approximately one gear inch lower than the N360 along with the same high end gear inch equivalence. This assuming a 20" rear wheel, 20 tooth cog and 42 tooth chainring.
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    No idea of a release date. I have just heard that it will be "by the end of May." Your comment about extra system up front is definitely one of the first upgrades that I will consider. When I test rode the Catrike behind the Home Depot, it was great to be able to really go a bit faster. For now, being on groomed bike trails is where I want to be. For now, that is............

    Right now, I am trying to understand the Harmony system and how likely it is to need "adjustments" or whatever to maintain the function. I did download a manual and will read it again and have been talking to a fella from Trident Trikes who seems to have first hand knowledge about Harmony. The "stock" NuVinci controller sounds awesome, so I would be happy with just that. If it looks like Harmony will have very little in the way of "hiccups," then I will do that assuming the cost will not be too high. I am still waiting for the word from the Factory if it will even be offered. I just want to be ready to put in a definitive word about putting it on mine so that there will be no delay in getting me and Jack out onto the trails.

    Thanks so much for your feedback. I am so excited to get this "show on the road" or bike trail. LOL! Bye for now. Marie
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