Tire upgrade for Traveler

Does anyone have any experience with upgrades to the Schwable Marathon from the stock 40 lb/sq. In?


  • Upgrading my Rover to Schwalbe Big Apples was a big improvement. The Marathons are high pressure and will ride rougher but should give you a noticeable improvement in speed. I'm running my Big Apples at 50psi and despite the relatively low pressure they are still faster than the original tires.
  • I do. It was an absolutely fantastic upgrade. The stock CST tires were getting pretty worn, and I was having issues with flats on almost every ride towards the end.

    I lucked out and was able to get 3 Marathons for about $79.80. Looks like it's a few dollars more now, but still really cheap. (Select 20X1.5-inch)

    I had a decent speed boost as a result, and absolutely no flats in the almost 2 years I've had them. Great traction, and the ride doesn't really feel any rougher. This is mixed trail and streets of Philadelphia riding, and I've ridden through glass debris several times.

    Might want to check out:
    for a good discussion the list had a little while back.

    - PaulNM
  • Michael and Paul-
    Both comments were much appreciated!
  • I purchased a used Traveler a few hours ago for the wife to ride. I really didn't want to buy it this close to Christmas as I spent a grand yesterday for a Bafang electric assist kit, but when they told me they would accept 1/3 less than they were asking for the trike to help motivate me, The price was too good to pass up. They had initially told me the trike had to accessories. When I picked it up, it had a really nice mesh seat with a pocket (standard equipment I think), a seat top bag, a miracle mirror, and then they told me they had upgraded to "run-flat" tires!? They are Schwable Marathons with the following info printed on the tire. 40-406 Performance Line Green Guard "The Original". 

    The Rover I bought used in June reportedly came with "upgraded tires" and it has the same tires. Here is some info I found on the Schwable website - 

    "Tough enough for long trips but light enough not to weigh down your commute, the Marathon has gained an excellent reputation as a reliable tire for worry-free touring and city riding.
    • Green Guard puncture resistant belt
    • Extremely durable Endurance rubber compound
    • ECE-R75 certified for use on e-bikes (even up to 50 km/h)
    • Wire bead
    • Black with reflective sidewall
    • 20 x 1.50" (ISO 40-406) has a 100 PSI maximum and claimed weight of 530 g.
    • 20 x 1.75" (ISO 47-406) has a 70 PSI maximum and claimed weight of 640 g.

    20 Inch Sizing Note: There are two sizes commonly referred to as "20 inch" which are not interchangeable. This size features a 406mm bead seat diameter (to ensure compatibility, this measurement should be printed somewhere on your existing tire or rim). The width measurement for the 406 size is almost always expressed in the form of a decimal (e.g. 1.50), not a fraction (e.g. 1 1/2). If you are unsure about which size fits your 20 inch rim please contact us.

    I also found this on their site concerning "Run-flat" tires:

    "The Marathon Plus is the only tyre worldwide that can be called "flat-less". This is due to its unique and patented puncture protection belt: five millimetres thick and made from highly elastic special rubber. Even thumbtacks can't puncture it.

    The Marathon Plus is not only flat-less, it also rolls lighter than ever before. And, because of its anti-aging side wall, it lasts unbelievably long. Now also approved for fast e-bikes.

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