Heel Straps or Clipless and shoes?

I'm new to this forum so forgive me if this has been discussed before.  I just ordered a Rover NuVinci and I'm wondering what you all like, heel straps or clipless and bike shoes.  One problem for me, it seems, is that I wear a 12 EEEE size shoe which you can not find in a bike shop.  Thanks for you help.


  • Try Nashbar at www.nashbar.com They may be able to help with what you need. I'm wearing Nashbar's Ragster II sandals and using Crank Bros Mallet 3 pedals and cleats. My feet are definitely petite compared to yours.... only an 8-1/2 E.
  • Tried straps and recently went to cliple ssw pearl izumi 49 shoes.Not great for walking but ok. Definitely better for peddling as you pull as well aspush
  • I've been trying to focus my mind on pulling while I ride. Pushing takes care of itself and I want the pulling action to also become automatic.
  • I'm a cheap b@st@rd, so I opted for heel straps. I can't complain, as they do work well, though I see a pair of clip shoes in my future.
  • Michael, just relax and pedal.  I tried to consciously push and pull...it doesn't work.  Just relax and pedal.  I think that in concentrating on keeping legs in the air and feet on the pedals consumes energy.  When I knew that my feet were safely on the pedals I was able to relax and just push on the pedals.  I think the brain takes care of the push and pull without your having to think about it.  It may take a bit for you to realize that this is being done.  It will.  It did for me and it's made riding much more enjoyable. 
  • I don't think the push/pull is required 100% of the time. It's nice however to have the equipment that allows for it when desired.
  • I learned to ankle back in my roadie days some 40 years ago using toe clips, straps and cleats. It made a tremendous difference in being able to tackle hills. I still have a degree of muscle memory from ankling which helps but riding a recumbent trike is a bit different. It's that difference that I am trying to embed into muscle memory so I'll be prepared for some long uphill grades going around Diamond Head that I may be faced with in September when I plan to go on a group ride with Hawaii Bicycling League.
  • Yup, relax and pedal. If you think about it your cadence vets confused.
  • Gets confused
  • Clipless with Shimano SPD or ISSI SPD Pedals....I use SIDI Road Race Shoes, or for "off-the-trike-comfort", GIANT Bicycle Shoes... :)
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