Anyone purchase a rack for the Traveler?

My Traveler is soon to arrive at my local dealer. Where can I purchase a rack that I can easily remove prior to folding? I found one from a dealership in the Sacramento area which looks great for $166 including the shipping to my Port Townsend home. Looking to see if there are other options out there.


  • I bought to stock TT rack when I acquired my Traveler, just a few screws to remove, but yeah, you need it gone to fold.
  • Jared at TT told me today that the TT rear rack comes with thumb screws that can be removed if you want the Traveler to fold completely, but he claims it will close to about 90% with fenders and a rear rack!?
  • I wonder if this is a Traveler specific rear rack, or if they've switched everything to this new design? The rack in the online store is still the same as what they've been using.

    - PaulNM
  • Mine came with the thumbscrews for easy removal
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