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Due to my disability (MS), getting in and out of my Traveler isn't the easiest thing in the world.  I manage, but it's not going to get any easier for me as my MS progresses, so I'm thinking of investing in the Versa Bars.  Wondering if anybody can give any thoughts to how well they work for you.  Thanks in advance for your comments!


  • I put 24" wheels all around 6 months ago and found it is much easier to get on and off the trike.  But, I don't get off frontwards.  I throw one leg over the wheel to the side, the other over the boom and use the seat and wheel to lift myself.  

    I would like to try versa bars first before spending the $65 for them.  Others have said they work but I can't confirm that.
  • I have the versa bars and love them. Makes it very easy to get off my Traveler.
  • I have the 24" wheels/tires and the versa bars. LOVE all of it. Versas are GREAT for getting in and out. I came up with fenders for the 24's so using tires for assist is out. I also made bushings for and mounted my mirrors in the ends of the versa bars. This gets the mirrors up higher and brings them inside the width of the handlebars. VERY easy to see what is behind. Click on my pic and get a look how it all worked out.
  • You guys are all talking me into versa bars.  That may be my next purchase.
  • Thanks all for your input, I think I'll go in the direction of the versa bars first, as they're more affordable and I'm on a limited budget.

    Say Florida_bound, in your post you mentioned versa bars for $65; where did you see that if I may ask?  I see them for $90.  Thanks!
  • I thought I saw them on Terra Trike's website.  I wonder if there was a recent price increase.  That may put them out of my range.  Guess I'll just continue to exit to the side.
  • @ansellbd @Florida_bound - page 3 of TT accessories - $89.95
  • I bought my bars in March of 2015 and they were $89.95 then.
  • Then it must have been a brain fart.  Sorry!

    I think I'll strap my cane to the trike and use it to get off.  Much cheaper!
  • Save up for a couple/few months and get a pair. They're worth it!
  • The VersaBars will allow you to mount your mirrors further out giving you a wider field of view and visibiliity without having to turn your head to look at them.
  • @MichaelHebert I'm considering these for that reason alone.
  • I bought a mirror with a long stem designed for regular bicycles.  It's on my left handlebar and I have a great view.  It is almost at eye level compared to the ones that attach to the end of the handlebar.  I would love to have two but there's no room on the right handlebar to attach one.
  • All,

    I received and installed my Versa Bars today.  I have not ridden with them on yet, but I did try several ups n downs, and they work great, even better than I thought they would.  I will be doing some fine tuning of the height and positioning over the next few rides, but I think it safe to say that these are well worth the money to me. Thanks again for all the input, I'll add some comments in a week or so after several rides.

  • Does using the versa bars put a lot of stress on the handlebars?  That's what they attach to, right?
  • I don't think there's anymore stress on the handlebars than what they receive during normal use. They're built rather stout. I've had my versas on for over a year now and there is no trouble with the handlebars showing any sign of stress. I'm an overly phat phellow too (fat fellow)!!!
  •   Ahh... see that was my concern too. Read the handlebars won't take the stress, yet the Versa bars attach to the handlebars - although lower. But still...

    ¬ ITL
  • @IdahoTrailLizard It's not like you're hanging on the bars all the time. You will be using them to assist in getting on and off the trike. Other than that, there's no real stress put on the handlebars.
  • Not to mention the handlebars should easily be able to take any stress, they're how you get in and out of the trike "normally" anyway.

    I'd be really worried about any vehicle that would be stressed by my weight. :)

    - PaulNM
  • I bought a new  rambler and I had the versa bars put on they work real well and a big help get on the trike

  •   What type of mirrors did you use on the Versa Bars, MichaelHebert?

      Could you post large(r) photos so we can see them better. Did you have to order an accessory mount to out them on? :D


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  • I bought the Mirrycle mirrors from Terra Trike. They fit right in the end of the bar. Having them on the Versa Bars put them in a much better position than the ends of the handlebars.
  • If you have the room, they fit well on the inside of the wide handlebars.  You have to be able to see around your body.  But, this puts the mirror at a very good level for seeing behind you.
  • Thank you gern for your comment. You have answered the question in my mind for a mirror mount. My wife and I each have a Sportster x30 and have been looking for an alternative mirror mount instead of the handle bar. I assumed the Versa Bar was hollow but wasn't positive.

  • Not sure if this applies but it looked like something that could be useful.
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      Tempting, but $90 is a bit on the extreme side of price for a pair of mounting arms. Of course if also offers water bottles within easy reach too... though no cages come with them. I'd still want at least one horizontal tube mount on the left for cycling computer and headlamp.

      Debating about adding a horizontal bar on the right handlebar, more forward and up, so can move the IGH shifter up on it. That would offer more room for a hand grip/rest whilst also keeping me from accidentally shifting.

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  • I stuck my mirror into the end of the versa bar, AND raised the versa bar on that side much higher. Now the mirror is at my knee level, not so low it's seen only through my lower bifocles. Finally I can actually see behind me!
  • @IdahoTrailLizard, your lbs should have handle bars that would mount onto the top of your existing ones, but vertically! Now I can have my brakes and/or shifter on the comfortable vertical bars
  •   Our LBS doesn't have much and is quicker if I order it. Unless he's making serious buck Joe tends to put things off for a week for his next order out. Joe is a good young man, but he lacks the passion that some of us have in other non-normal products. His shop doesn't have any mirrors either, neither does Walmart.

      Makes one wished they had the skills, expertise, and resources to set up shop to make what's missing in the world.
      Like brake levers that have the cable coming in from the top as opposed to the sides. That simple idea would eliminate the strain on trikes. Brake levers were made for bicycles with handlebars, not trikes or quads.

    ¬ ITL
  •   Tempted to order Versa Bars right now. Have to computer how much to draw out of savings, as each back is roughly $45 per mount. Wished I could win an accessories package. :P

    ¬ ITL
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