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I have seen a few people who have made their own racks to transport their trikes can anyone give me a diagram to make this. I have balance issues so need an easier way to move it not on top of trailblazer. seen one thought might be able to afford but not sure how to go about getting put together without a welder. thanks in advance if can help out.


  • I finally bought the Alpaca Carrier sold on this site after trying other options that failed.  It's kind of hard to lift the trike up to the rack but the Alpaca is sturdy and my SUV handles great with it attached.
  • Check this YouTube video. This rack might be an option for you.


  • And following David's lead, I'd suggest searching YouTube for other possible solutions. Also, check out Harbor Freight Tools. They have some aluminum folding ramps that would allow you to roll it into your Trailblazer. I have their steel ramps that don't fold and they work just fine- a bit heavy, but not too bad. I actually think I will just lift it into my Toyota Prius once my shoulder replacement heals. It's just easier to do when I have two fully functioning shoulders again... just a couple of weeks to go yet. 
  • As long as you load it pedals and front first, it's easy to lift the trike into a car or SUV.  If you load rear first, it is hard because the pedals hit the ground when you lift the back.  It really takes two people to do that.
  • my problem is we are looking for another 2 trikes for son and husband so need one to hold 2 tikes and one on top or something can use on motorhome to transport them really want to start riding more but only one trike and a triton that no one likes to ride. also trying to get an 8 speed for mine thanks for all the answers. I am disabled and hubby has bad back we both have service animals that are going to help when we get tired when starting out

  • Can you pull a trailer?  You might consider one similar to what they make to carry canoes or kayaks.  I don't know of a hitch carrier that can handle more than two trikes.
  • Here are a few pics of our Alpaca rack for our two ramblers. I had a 2" hitch put on the car and then purchased this rack from cnkz2jixw1v6.jpg
    . Thought others may find this helpful.
  • Aren't those Rovers?
  • I made my solo carrier out of a 2" steel
    trailer square tube ( about 4' long). Across the top of that 2" aluminum channel Those are for each tire. Connected those three to steel stock with 2" square u bolts from below. Had the materials for awhile. They were yust lying around...
  • It's low to the ground too. 18" or less.
    Lifting Trike into truck bed was worse for my back.
  • Captainbob wrote: »
    Aren't those Rovers?
    Captainbob wrote: »
    Aren't those Rovers?
    Yes sorry. Had Rambler on my mind since we just bought my mother in law one.
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