Bad tires??

I bought a 2016 TerraTrike Traveler and it has about 100 miles on it. The right tire wore out to the threads at 75 miles and the left tire has worn to the threads at 100 miles. TerraTrike customer service says the trike needs to be adjusted, but the dealer says it is in alignment. It is at the dealer's now. Any thoughts on how I can get my Trike back on the road? I am really disappointed that I can't use it.


  • What he said... with the exceptions of the last paragraph. I'd give everyone the initial benefit of doubt, and get TT and lbs talking with one another until it is determined who and or what are to blame. Then I would post the whole story here. That's just my 2 cents worth.
  • Thank you.
  • The dealer solution for the first tire was to put a thinner, totally different tire on as a replacement. It didn't match the other one and didn't look right, so I asked them to order an identical one to the left. Now that the left one has gone as well, hopefully both front tires will match when I get the trike back.

    Are there any training resources for me to learn how to do this stuff myself? I would rather work on it here than wait a week to get the trike back.
  • @Lorraine At the top of this page, under the community tab, you'll find "Videos". Click on that and scroll down. There are instruction videos for all kinds of maintenance and assembly of the trikes. Included is instructions for alignment.
    Feel free to ask further questions if you like.
  • Thank you!
  • Lorraine,

    Do a search of YouTube for how to change a bike'll see a bunch!  I've learned a lot from GCN (Global Cycling Network), generally geared for bike riders, but their videos are good quality and those Brits are a likeable bunch.
  • Thank you! Still waiting to get my Trike back. The dealer has had it for a week now.
  • When I got my Traveler, direct from TT, I also saw the front tires wear fast.  It was out of alignment.  After calling them, TT sent me two new tires and after doing some research I've been able to take care of the alignment myself.  I've seen using a dowel and such... I just carefully used a tape measure and things have been find for many miles.  (I'm on BA +'s)
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    Thank you. TerraTrike replaced my tires and the bike shop realigned them. So far I have had no additional problems. I did invest in a GIYO 2 way mini pump with clever valve from the TerraTrike accessories store. It makes it easier to check and maintain tire pressure. It's an excellent, well made piece of equipment. It's nice to be back on the road.
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