Transporting a Rover Tandem (again ;-)

We're currently doing OK transporting our Rover Tandem by rolling off the stoker chain, disconnecting the shift cable and sliding the rear section off.  But we're very nearly ready to replace the current vehicle, and it would be nice to find something where Devoted Stoker and I can just roll it in and go. 

We are not in a position to buy a new vehicle, but hope to find something less than about 5-ish years old.  Does anyone have any current experience they'd share? 

Our Rover tandem is set up about as long as it gets.  Also, if such vehicle had four- or all-wheel drive, all the better.


  • Good luck with that!  I don't know of any vehicle other than a long-bed pickup that a tandem would fit in. And, I'm not sure it would even fit in that 8' bed.  

    Is putting the bike on top of a vehicle an option?
  • For various reasons, neither trailering nor roof racks are viable options.  We're aware of the Harbor Freight trailer hack (there is even a fellow who builds these out for people near us).  We're OK with dissembling it; it just seemed to me I'd heard discussions of various minivans being capable.

    For reference, our trike is all of 120" long.  There is a listed dimension in a lot of vehicle specs called something like "cargo length at console" or "cargo length at seat 1".  It's not universally measured, but a lot of manufacturers and some third parties seem to have this dimension listed.
  • The problem with that is the driver will have a pedal in his/her right arm.  So much of the trike's length is in that front boom.  If you can collapse the front boom without messing the trike up, you'd be ok.  

    Before upgrading my Rover to 24" wheels and tires, I could fit it in my Ford Escape.  However, I had to position the pedals just right so the right one is in front of the seat and the left one behind.  

    How much room is there between the front seats in a minivan?  Is it wide enough that neither the driver nor passenger would be affected by the pedals?  Can you easily remove the pedals?  If so, go for it!
  • The only vehicle I can think of that might fit a 10 foot bike, is a transit or a sprinter. For me - that's a lot of truck for one trike. Your bike is big enough for a small trailer. Have you considered that option?
  • The Rover Tandem is 9 1/2 feet long and fits nicely in a minivan without taking anything apart. I travel mime in a KIA minivan with the rear wheel between the front seats.
    A long bed pickup truck has an 8 foot bed so the tandem would have to hang over on the tail gate open.
  • I built a special carrier for my tandem. actually bought a pick up load extender than made some modifications to it by making a track for the rear wheel to sit in then two stapes to hold back wheel down.

    very easy and quick

    if you email me I can send picks


  • I know this is probably to late to help, but we have hauled our Rover Tandem in the back of a 97 Ply Voyager for over 3 years and still are. Removed the rear and middle seats, put the trike in rear wheel first, tilted the rear seat forward and reduced the front boom about 6-8 inches. There are 4 set screws to loosen to shorten the boom. It is a 5 minute set up or break down.
    Chrysler Town and Country's from about 06/07 on with stow and go seats you do not need to remove the seats, just stow.
    Hope this helps those with the transportation question of the Rover Tandem.
  • We just took delivery of our Rover tandem today. It slid into our Dodge Grand Caravan without any trouble at all and with one inch of space to spare. We didn't have to adjust anything on the trike. We just had to remove the center floor console between the front seats, but that takes all of two seconds. The stow-and-go seating of the Caravan makes it an ideal vehicle for transporting a 10-foot tandem without having to take out any seats.
  • I have a Ford Ranger pick-up. With the Rover in front first put two straps backwards from the cross member to the bottom back of the bed of the truck to keep it away from the front of the bed. Then two more straps from the dropouts to the top of the bed to lift the frame off the tailgate and pull it against the front two straps. Best part is, now you have a pick up truck and all the awesomeness that goes along with it!
  • We simply sit the front wheels of Our Rover Tandem in the bed of Our 2005 GMC Canyon Quad Cab/Short Bed, put a Yakima Tailgate protector on the tailgate, and let the rear wheel of the Tandem stick up and over the Tailgate...I then lock it in with a Master Brand 6-foot security cable locked to the welded in tie down loops in the bed....about 2 minutes to load and unload...have hauled it hundreds of miles this way....!!!!!!!... :)
  • skuuter and rirover Your comments may put me in the truck market again. I've loaded my Rover Tandem onto an 8' trailer pretty easily but it's a pain in a parking area. I either have to find two adjacent parallel parks (ideal), or a pair lined up for a pull thru, or unhook the trailer and secure it (not always adjacent to the SUV tow vehicle).
    My question: when you let the rear wheel extend over the tailgate, is there stress on the chain. I have internal Shimano rear so it could be different from the external I believe you are running. Thanks!
  • i own a Rover Tandem which I transport in a regular bed Chevrolet Silverado with a hard tonneau trifold cover, I fold the two back sections of the cover and sit the tandem rear wheel on top of the folded tonneau cover. The two front wheels sit on the tailgate. I use two straps to secure the tandem to the touch bed and kayak foam molds to hold the rear wheel, I also lock the tandem to the bed for security. The only draw back to this method is the lift of the tandem into the bed and crawling into the bed. The advantage is you do not have a trailer to store or purchase.
  • Good afternoon everyone. I am a senior Snowbird in central FL, until mid March, then on the road for a month before heading home. My girlfriend and I are going to ride when we get back home. I had given up riding because of my low vision issue. She loves to ride as much as I do. I have the Rover 8, the tandem kit. Will b installing the kit on when I get back with help of a dear friend. I have a '08 Chevy HHR, I pull behind the motorhome. I use this car because I can pull it with 4 wheels down. I will need to make a rooftop rack to carry the trike. I am thinking I will use PVC pipe. The rear whell will roll to the front of the car in one of the pipes that I will cut in half lengthwise for a track with some kind of mounting arms that will stick out the sides to the luggage rack on the car. Then the front Wheels will rest in some kind of cradle that I have to make out of pipe. And it will mount to the luggage rack that is across the back of the car. I plan on leaving the trike rack on all the time. I plan to take the trike with me anytime I take the motorhome on the road. This going to be so much fun. I really miss riding. I have added bottle holders, a holder for the GPS. Panniers and a trunk. I will install lights also. Probably fenders because we will ride the Katy Trail a lot. This will be my first tandem. I will purchase the IPS also. Really looking forward to this new adventure, with this wonderful lady in my life.
    Take Care, And RIDE.
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