Hi everyone, I am new to this site. I have been a regular bike for years. I am looking to buy a Tour 2 GT model used. I live in west TN. I road one  of these Tour twos, they sure ride good. I hope someone can help me.


  • It is usually cheaper to buy a trike in the off season... like now, but there tend to be fewer available. There are a number of good trike models made by TerraTrike (TT), and, other manufacturers as well. If you are in a hurry to buy a used trike I suggest you search on Ebay, Craig's List, Bentrider, etc. Not that it does you any good now, but there was a couple of the Tour II's available on Ebay for $750 each last month. I considered one (both have since sold), but ended up buying a used TT Traveler (foldable) for about the same price. Expect to pay AT LEAST 50% of the price of a new similar trike when buying used.

    The Tour II was discontinued by TT earlier this fall, but they have hinted about a big announcement coming in the spring of 2017. It seems likely that this might be an upgraded Tour II type trike. If that turns out to be the case, there may be current Tour II owners that want to upgrade to the new trike and sell their used Tour II. Some will want to sell their discontinued model while it has maximum resale value. Hopefully they will guess it has more value now, compared to later, and put their trike up for sale at a good price for you.

    Older TerraTrike models that were reportedly similar in frame and steering as the Tour II include the Path, Tour, and the Cruiser, I believe. You might want to try one of these if you find them for sale.

    If you live in Michigan, and find yourself in the Detroit area, I suggest you check out Industrial Bicycles at 24308 Michigan Ave, Dearborn, MI 48124 (Industrialbicycles.com) wear you can test ride a dozen different brands and nearly every model offered. Then you can truly figure out what would be best for you.

    I normally strongly recommend that you DO NOT go into ANY retail establishment intending to purchase somewhere else and then take up the time of the retailer without intending to buy there. If you are up front and tell them you want to buy used, if you take up their time you should be willing to buy your accessories from that retailer. But I make an exception for Industrial Bicycles, as they have a reputation for being a high pressure establishment, so they I don't mind taking up their time. Besides, most local bike shops won't have more than 2 or 3 trike brands (if any) unless you live in a large metropolitan area.

    The Tour II is a nice trike, and TerraTrike is the most popular trike brand. But one thing I strongly recommend is that you buy a trike brand that is regularly sold by your favorite local bike shop (lbs). I bought my first trike, a TT Rover, this past June. I bought my second used trike (one is for the wife) the TT Traveler I mentioned above, last month. I watched this forum and others for roughly 6 months before deciding what I wanted to get. Before I purchased any TT, I made sure there was a good bike shop in Lansing, MI to TerraTrikes. Spin Bicycle Shop in Lansing's Old-Town is my lbs of choice! Best of luck.
  • Thanks for the information.
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