Idea for Terra Travler

I got my Traveler back in August and love it.  The one thing I think that would make it even better if TT would come up with a seat for it that will fold flat and you do not have to take off the trike.  Maybe something with a hinge where the back rest and the seat meet. The one thing that could cause a little problem but not that big of one, is if you have a headrest on the seat like I do.  But all you would really need to do is remove the are with the headrest on it to fold it flat.  It only take a few second to put that back on. The only other thing that might cause a issue is with the outriggers folding in, but knowing the people at TT I bet they could figure something out for that. Just kicking around an Idea.


  • The only problem is that then you would need a third point of attachment for the seat frame otherwise it would flex at the hinge point. Unless a folding support was on both sides like on card table legs, providing they didn't dig into ones butt.
  • Not exactly on topic, but I wanted to share this disheartening tidbit I heard concerning us TT Traveler owners.

    I just got back for Michigan's largest trike dealer - Jack's Bicycle and Fitness (aka Industrial Bicycles). They claim to have 600 trikes in stock, spread between 3 stores and 2 HUGE warehouses. I talked extensively with Brian, the owner, about trikes in general. He tells me that he has been encouraging TT to beef up their Traveler hinges since they introduced the Traveler. He has one customer who is on his 4th Traveler frame, and each one has broken at one of the hinges. TT warrants all their frames for life I believe, but ONLY to the original purchaser. I bought mine used. Guess that will have to be the wife's trike, as she weighs 60 pounds less than I weigh. Brian thinks probably 10% of the Traveler's he has sold have broken. I wonder if TT could (would?) tell us if we asked?

    Brian had me compare the beefy-ness of the hinges of the HP, ICE, Trident, Greenspeed, and maybe a couple of other folding trikes. TT's hinges are like paper clips in comparison to any of these. So, I know I am going to check each of these hinges at least monthly. Before this unsolicited bit of info from Brian, I had only heard of someone breaking a Traveler going down curbs. Not sure why anyone would want to abuse their trike like that, but to each their own.
  • If the hinges lock when you open the seat it could work.
  • The Greenspeed seats are quick release bottom, and the back just sits in a slot. Travelor could emulate those
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