Terratrike Rear Rack

Can anyone provide a photo of the rear rack on a 20" wheel at the lowest reasonable point?
If you have the Terratrike rear fender too then that's all the better.
I'm trying to see if it would fit my needs better the the 26" sized rack I have or had, also looking at Old Man Mountain's rear Sherpa but it costs a good bit more.


  • Looks like no one has one that can or is willing to take a photo like this I quess.
  • Thanks for that, I stopped using google search almost at all some time ago so I didn't think of that.
    Looks a bit high for me still, I'll have to keep looking.
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    I think I found a nice option, going to order it from a local shop eventually to make sure I can get a refund just in case it doesn't fit. Tern Cargo Rack
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    Oh I knew I'd have to make my own supports still. But you may be right, I'm getting to the point I think I'm going to have to start making a lot of my own accessories. At least then it will be what I'm really looking for without being overpriced just because it's for a bike and as an added bonus I would be able to make them modular for "easy" repairs and adjustments. If you want something "done right" you have to do it yourself it seems. Going to need more tools again.
  • I bought a cheap rack from Walmart.  It attached to the frame where the rear wheel connects.  Attaching it to the seat supports didn't work.  Instead, I bought an adjustable strap and connect the front of the rack to the back cross bar of the seat.  It works!
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    I have an Axiom Journey rack at the moment, If I only cared about it "working" I'd just stick with that.
    I'm looking to stream line so to speak my rack so things sit lower. One reason for that is my rear lights I have mounted on my seat frame sometimes get blocked by my panniers or my glasses mirror gets blocked when I have to strap a taller box on top of the rack, If only RackTime's Foldit Fix had lower rails too, I think they have have a nice setup for attaching baskets and such,
  • The one I bought adjusts up and down.  I have it as low as possible and it's still above my 24" wheel.

    I, too, am having problems with where and how to attach tail lights.  The light I have does not properly attach to that rack.  So, I just haven't ridden at night.
  • After I added my TT headrest, I now have a plethora of ways to mount a taillight or two.
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