Hack/trick for TTTP trail chain adjustment.

I'm new here so bare with me, and I'm old (really old) which only adds to the problem :) 

I thought this might help someone in an emergency: For the TTTP (Don't know about the rest) 

If you find yourself in a situation where you need to adjust/fix or replace your chain while out on a ride and have nowhere to prop up the back wheel so it spins freely. Here is a quick fix/hack for you: 

Loosen the stokers handlebars and turn them down under the bike, now tighten them up, your back wheel should be (if you're tires are at the recommended 100 psi) about 1/2 inch off the ground and able to spin freely for any adjustments. 

NOTE: I use this method to quickly clean and oil my chain when I get home.(every other ride or so depending on the mileage on each given ride) If you have to drop the wheel completely (because of say a flat) then you will need to put the stoker on all fours and place the handle bars on her back. (This last part may be a bit of a problem depending on how open minded your stoker happens to be at the time and how badly she wants to get home. 

But as a rule of thumb:) Lifetime stokers are a little more likely to get their back up (pun intended) than those pretty little things that are just out for a fun ride :)

Again: I'm 67 years old, so what the hell do I know:)

Rubber Down, Heads Up!


Oh, and, You will scratch the shiny little parts on the top of the stokers handle bars, if this is a problem with you or your stoker when you are stuck out in the middle of nowhere.....  we'll ..... then, don't do it Billy-Bob,  Up To You! 

(you could put your gloves over them, but, I like my gloves:)

As for me: 

I live on the west coast and if you've ever watched the sun go down, the last half moves pretty damn quick! (as does life!!)

I'm going to ride into the sunset and see if I can slow it down just a bit!! 

You want to sit there and just watch it go down, again, up to you!

Ride on!!!


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      You may be confused, this group rides recumbent trikes. We don't intentionally go flipping our handlebars anywhere, let along flipping the trike upside down.

      Waiting for this poster to offer kickstands next. :D  Lift-stand maybe?

    ¬ ITL
  • For stokers, the handlebars on the tandem models are more like the tour II and older TT models. They're "U" shaped and attached at the bottom. It's possible to loosen it and rotate the bars down so they act like a kickstand.

    - PaulNM
  • Hmmmm... That's what I said, (only the long version:) 

    I did try to add a little humor to the post, but I think that got lost somewhere in Idaho. 

    Love Always 
    Forever Peace


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      Cannot imagine someone flipping their trike over was all. Grab a log or chuck of wood and set the back frame on, or a large rock with your gloves in between to hold & protect the trike.  :P

      However... have laid the trike on it's side whilst leaning up again something to adjust things underneath a time or two. Uprights, no problem. Trikes, have to be more respectable if ya want to them last.

      Shiny parts?? Trikes have shiny parts???

    ¬ ITL
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    You're missing the point. The trike stays upright, only the stoker's handlebars rotate down.

    - PaulNM
  • You don't flip the bike over! 

    On the tandem pro. the stokers bars are just under the front of the seat and they are U shaped ...... oh never mind.... 

    Just pull up a log and we'll sit by the fire, smoke a twister, and solve all the world's problems!
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      Ahh, lol, I see, for the tandem - not just any trike.
      Had wondered cause I didn't recall seeing any on trikes - just uprights. It's those crazy acronyms vs. saying what ya mean. TTTP also means Tech To The People, Trails To The Past, Tactics, Techniques, Training, Procedures. image

    ¬ ITL
  • One of the annoying aspects of this forum's design is that it's hard to see the subforum name. (Mobile version is a little better in this regard.)

    Otherwise we would have known this was about tandems even before we read the post. (Though to be fair, referring to stokers was a clue.) :)

    The mobile layout is a bit clearer and nicer, but annoyingly missing functionality for no reason.

    - PaulNM
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      Is okay, egg on one's face & humility is not always a bad thing. Once I understood what he was talking about I laughed - more at myself. :D Of course he also does not have an avatar showing his ride, so that was no clue either. :P

      Thanks Paul, I never really paid much attention to the side panel. Was nothing into original posting saying what forum it was in either. Seems every forum board has it's own quirks.

      @RColdguy - LOL ~ Good tip!  :D

    ¬ ITL
  • That's how bad it is. Even now knowing which subforum it's under, you still miss where it's shown. :)

    Look under RColdguy's name at the top of the first post. In *REALLY* light grey you'll see the timestamp, subforum name, and flag links. The mobile version has it in the same blue color as the member's name, and the same size as the regular text underneath. (Albeit no flag link. Grrr.)

    Side panel has the same issue, plus the additional problem of being far away from where you're actually looking. (And missing from the mobile version.)

    All that said, I rarely look anyway. :) In this case I scrolled up to verify once I started getting the idea this was about tandems.

    Second the idea it's a good tip, especially for the Tandem Pro which has all those chain and idlers under the rear frame where a box/rock/stand would normally be used. 

    - PaulNM
  •   Thanks, PaulNM  :)

    ¬ ITL
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