Cycling Shorts/Knickers for BIG people too?

  Anyone know of a source for cycling shorts for us bigger/wider folks? Trying to find material that is easy on the crotch/thigh area and that you won't be embarrassed to be seen in public with - so not the spandex version of cycling shorts, but more of shorts that don't chew your skin up or chafe you do death when wearing them.

  Found some affordable Riggs cargo shorts, but the reviews said the material is very rough and could chew into a person's skin.

  Are these suggested cycling liners? Am thinking of trying to increase the miles I put on in a day but wearing denim pants in the summer is going to get hot, although does offer protection. Surely there's something that is 'rider friendly' out there and perhaps wicks away moisture?



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    JC Penny has a fat boy section. Foundry, they call it. I get my cargo shorts from them. Nice material, no chaffing, really comfy. I highly recommend the Foundry section.
  • For longer rides I will wear the embarrassingly tight cycling type shorts. I then wear good ol' cargo shorts over them. . . Nobody wants to see me in spandex! :)
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      Cool, found D'Amante Enzyme Wash Cargo Shorts - Big & Tall, item # 583-0103D in 56. Everything else was out of stock or not in my size. Some clothes a 56 is snug, other like Dickies jeans are super loose. Was contemplating buying a Dickies jeans and cutting them off below the knees. :P  56 usually gives me more room where it's needed.

      Yeah, I probably should find some spandex or go shopping for a similar alternative for a second skin barrier. Chafing is not fun.

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  • Told ya that Penney would have it!
  • basketball shorts are very comfortable to ride in
  • just wear a thong
  • Idaho, for under shorts wear try sweat wicking compression skivvies. The athletic store ones, and with baggy shorts over them the air flow will keep you cool.
  • Go commando and let the breeze keep the boys cool
  •   Nah, that causes chafing, rubbing, and welts.

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  • Kilt would work
  • My wife uses this stuff called Body Glide. It looks like a deodorant stick - but you apply it to areas you know will chafe. She swears by it. She also swears by Anti Monkey Butt powder afterwards if she forgets to use Body Glide. Funny name - but awesome stuff! I use it when I need to too.

  • Anti-Monkey Butt Powder is great stuff!
  • Late to the discussion, but Aerotech Designs ( has sizes up to, like, 5x, in both tight and non-tight shorts and knickers. American made, well built.
  • Yeah, tried them. Expensive. Every short I wanted they didn't have in my size. The JC Penny shorts are working out. Slightly tight but they expand some. I need to ride more and eat more veggies. :D

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