Mounting A Wireless Cateye Computer On The Boom

Has any mounted a wireless bike computer on the boom of their rambler? I ask because I read that the back of the computer has to face the sensor which wouldn't make it possible. So I wanted to see if anyone has successfully mounted a wireless computer on the if so, what kind/brand. Thanks


  • I tried a Cateye Padrone on my Sportster's post. It worked when I tested it by holding the boom up enough to spin the wheel. When I rode it didn't. I got off and lifted the boom and spun the wheel and it worked as advertised. Back on the trike, no joy.

    I figure if you have something ahead of the receiver to reflect the RF back to whatever picks it up, it works. In frustration, I mounted mine to the handlebar.

    I'm thinking about adding a small plastic plate running down the front of the post with a couple zip ties to act as a reflector. I like not having to make an effort to see the display.
  • Thanks for confirming that I will just have to mount it on the handle bar like you mentioned. Thanks!!!
  • Wired rulz!
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