TerraTrike Tour For Sale. Scarsdale, NY $1,500

It's like new as it was only used once. It's a 21 speed, and it has the adjustable seat to control how firm or soft it is.

For local pickup.

Thanks for your interest.



  • So, a bunch of people have looked but no comments.

    Am I doing something wrong?

    Is it the local pick up or the price?

    I used it once then had back surgery and could no longer use it. So, it is basically new at a used price.
  • First, what year is it and what did you pay for it? You might also try E-Bay. There are always trikes on there for sale.
  • I buy and sell a lot of gear. Most of it is currently either camera or trike gear. Just as a general rule, I have found, that like autos, currently new (available) trikes more than a year old, tend to end up selling for about 50% of the actual trikes original price, less tax and accessories.

    I have two TerraTrikes, one Traveler, and one Rover. I bought them both used from separate Forum participants last year after trolling this Forum for about 5-6 months. One was a year-old, one was 2 years ago. I paid within $100 of 50% of what was on each of the original receipts. Both came with extras that motivated both seller and buyer, but no additional $ changed hands. Neither trike came with all of the following, but together they included: seat bags, tire-upgrade, water bottle holder, Allen wrench set, seat wedge, rear rack, and a $100 local bike shop coupon.

    Undoubtedly you can charge more, the less time motivated and diligent you are. But if you want to sell it quickly, make it hard for a potential buyer to walk away from.

    You however, you have a special piece of equipment. If what you have is a TerraTrike Tour II, you have a trike that is now discontinued. That means there is probably someone who is motivated to pay far more than 50% if you can find that person.

    It also means that if you can't find someone who really wants a Tour II, than it becomes a trike that may not bring 50%. It will probably all boil down to how patient you are willing or able to be. The suggestion of trying E-Bay is probably a good one. Can you take it to RiderFest or some other Recumbent rally somewhere?

    If you can afford patience, be flexible with price or shipping, then I think you advertise far and wide, and wait. If you need the $ now, you need to ask less and be as flexible as possible. Either way, error on the side of giving too much info whenever and wherever you post info about it. Good Luck.
  • Thank you both of you for your advice. I will put together a bit more info and then change the price when I get a second to do so.

    I really appreciate the help.
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    I bought it March 2011 and I paid around $2k for it. Of course I'm willing to put the price down. I only selected this price because I saw that someone else on here sol their 2008 Tour and they listed the price for $1,500. Therefore, I thought since mine is newer that the same price was fair.

    I will try eBay and look up about RiderFest as you said.

    Again I really appreciate you're advice.
  • Go to https://www.bicyclebluebook.com/searchbikes.aspx to find out the current value of it. Time is almost more damaging to a trike than miles ridden. Six winters in New York, whether in a garage or not, is not good!
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    Always found that pictures help. Would you buy anything without seeing it?
    And people like accessories, aka bling.

    ¬ ITL
  • Yes thanks. I'm obviously new to this. I really do appreciate the help. Will post shortly.
  • bought this same trike from a gentleman in Rockford il, paid 650.00
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