Brake Rubbing

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When I installed my TerraTrike fenders on my 2013 Sportster (24 speed), exactly as directed, I ended up with pressure on my Left brake disc. There seems to be no way of adjusting it. Help!


  • if the rub is pad against disk, see page 6

    the fender stay may not be the exact thickness of the doubled washers used when fenders are not mounted.
  • The rub was actually the caliper itself. I found two adjustment bolts on the top of the calipers. I loosened them and moved the caliper over about 1/64" (or less) and tightened it down. Fixed!
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    I just received the TT front fender sets for both my wife's and my Sportsters. Thanks for passing this tip on. Good to know. Will be assembling and installing ours one evening this week. We have the rear fenders on order through our lbs, but, they have not arrived yet.
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