Want to Try the All Terrain

Unfortunately there are none available to test ride. I could pre order but concerned the test ride would show the trike is not suited to me. Guess I will have to stay in contact with local trike shops and when one come in get to the shop ASAP to test ride it. I have a Traveler which does travel with me and putting 24 inch tires in it could make it harder to fold and stow.


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    They should be back in stock next week.
    They are a big hit and we sold out of them much quicker than we anticipated.
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  • Thanks! I will keep trying to locate one either close to home or when I am traveling. I really want to test ride one.

  • You do know that the RAT does not fold?
  • If you are anywhere near Las Cruces, New Mexico, come ride mine.
  • I know it doesn't fold and it would be my at home trike while the Traveler would continue to travel. Unfortunately I am in Maryland until mid-December when I head for Gulf Shores, AL.
  • @Saildogs, They will have one to test ride at RiderFest (July 29, Grand Rapids, MI), so maybe a road trip is in your future ;) - But seriously, there will be one at Riderfest, and probably many other organized trike events that have vendors or dealers, so if you can't make RiderFest, perhaps you can make an event closer to home.
  • How do you find out about trike events? Trikes are scarce in my area but starting to see more. Even LBS that say they carry trikes don't stock them.

  • Try Googleing "recumbent trike events 2017" for a start. From there you can choose what you want to subscribe to.
  • Thank you!
  • I have a home in the NYC metro are I travel to often and I plan to bring my AT with me next week if you want to travel up from MD (It's about five hours) to give it a whirl
  • Thanks for the offer but we are booked solid for the next few weeks with major house projects. After deciding to stay in our current home, it has been nonstop upgrades which cut into riding time. For the present I will just continue to ride my Traveler.
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