Alignment problems with the Traveler?

any truth to the rumor of frequent Alignment problems with the Traveler?


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    There was an issue with the tie rod more than a year ago. The problem was incorrect tightening when built leading to sloppiness in the steering and tires being worn out. The new models have that issue resolved with a new tie rod design. If you have an older one, just be sure the tie rod is tight and you should be fine.
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  • I don't know if I have the newer or the older tie rod design. I bought my traveler last fall, it has the quick release pins that hold the tie rod in, but the videos showing how to fold the trike have a different tie rod. Mine is hard to remove.
  • Try turning opposite wheel while the tie rod is unhooked from one side. Sounds like you have the new tie rod. I had problems unhooking my wife's the first few times. Chad at Spin Bicycle Shop in Lansing Michigan (authorized TerraTrike dealer) demonstrated the trick I mentioned above. After a couple of attempts, I found one side was much easier to remove- not sure why. Now I always remove the easy side first and turn the opposite wheel slightly to release the other side. If that doesn't work, have a TT dealer demonstrate their best way to remove tie rod. Good luck!
  • I recently purchased a Traveler, and the first month of riding daily 6-8 miles the front tires where completely bare with the rubber layers beneath showing through. Being new to trikes I contacted Terra and they suggested my bike was not aligned. I contacted my dealer and they didn't think that was the problem but I took it in and they did find out that the nut on the front tie bar was loose and the bike was not aligned at all. They replaced the tires and I immediately noticed the difference before I was averaging around 4 miles per hour now its around 8-11 mph.
  • Tires are wearing again, I supposedly have a newer model, Dealer doesn't return calls. Purchased May 28th 2018 on 2nd set of tires need a third set. Not sure what to do.
  • Call TerraTrike
  • I Have, they are working with me to resolve the issue, thanks for the advice, I guess I was just looking for someone who might had a had a similar issues and how they resolved it.
  • New outrigger on the way from Terra and new tires will hopefully rectify my issues.
  • Trick I use is put some lock tight blue on the threads before tightening down the lock bolts. This gives a little extra hold on them plus with using the blue you can break the seal that it makes.
  • I believe the tie rod of pre 2016 Traveler's have been recalled by TerraTrike. They replaced mine (wife's actually) for no charge - through my local bike shop. Best of luck!
  • The bike is back from the dealer and everything seems to be running smoothly after replacing the one outrigger. The bike was purchased new this year so it has the newer tie rod.
  • well I continue to have issues my Traveler is back in the shop, after going through three sets of front tires since I purchased it in May of this year. The LBS has re-aligned it and it is off again, since replacing the right outrigger. They are now implying that I may be pulling on the handlebars when riding, which I am not, flexing the frame causing the trike to become unaligned. I ride about 6-8 miles a day. I guess I didn't realize owning a trike would require so much maintenance. Terra is now replacing the frame with a Rambler frame, I will be paying the LBS to reassemble the parts from my traveler on the Rambler frame. Not the ideal as I purchased the Traveler so I could fold it up, but I guess it is my best chance at having a trike that I can ride.
  • if the lbs told you they replaced an "outrigger", time to find a new shop.

    airing the tires, lubing the chain, tightening cables once in awhile is about all you will be doing on a properly assembled trike. oil and sparkplug changes on a car are more time consuming if in a diy mode.

    it behooves anyone receiving a new trike to check toe-in with a trammel. significantly cheaper than using tire wear to illustrate alignment problems.

    from the catrike manual:

    Improper toe can cause extremely rapid tire wear. Toe is set by the mechanic during installation of the tie rod. We've heard reports from the field of improperly set toe, with resulting excessive tire wear. Don't assume it's been done right! Check it yourself.

    the idea that you are being scammed into paying to have a warranty issue resolved . . . oy!
  • We have an older model Traveler with the spring loaded tie rod ends. It was improperly assembled and aligned by the dealer when we bought it. Wore out a set of tires in the first 300 miles. I discovered the assembly error, corrected that, realigned the wheels, and it’s been fine since then. Current tires are Schwalbe Marathons with around 1000 miles on them, and they are showing very little wear. Just to say the Traveler has been a fine trike once assembled and adjusted properly. I hope you have better luck with the Rambler. If you have any issues at all with it, I’d be looking for a more competent lbs. Best wishes.
  • Good of T.T. to supply a new frame but I wouldn't have a lot of confidence with the LBS, seems like they misdiagnosed the problem a couple times.
  • If you have the older tie rod with the spring loaded ends T.T. will replace it for you. I was up at Riderfest and was told by one of the T.T. employees to have the shop where I got it from call them. They sent the new tie rod to the shop.
  • It was actually Terra Trikes recommendation to replace the outrigger, according to the LBS. I have the new tie rod. I am hoping the trike will be done by the weekend. Yes, I am a bit disappointed with the LBS but my only other option is to drive three hours away to have anything done on the trike. The LBS has sold several Terra trikes and they said mine is the only one having these issues.
  • The used Traveler I recently bought had uneven wear on the front tires so I had the old, spring-style tie-rod replaced by a TT dealer in Venice. So far it seems to have solved the wear problem. Even the mechanic commented on how much slop the old tie-rod had and figured that since the bearings seemed solid, the tie-rod is what caused the tire wear.
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