Terratrike Lumbar Support Cushion

I'm thinking that I would benefit from a bit of additional lumbar support on my Rambler.

Looking around the forum, I find little that would tell me if the Lumbar Support pad offered by Terratrike is worth the asking price.

The price on this wee bit of foam is a bit steep, methinks, but.....it might be a case of you get what you pay for.

Is there someone on this forum who has actually used this product and can offer an opinion on its value?


  • Have wondered about it myself, and how it stays in position in/on the seat.

    ¬ ITL
  • I installed an office chair mesh lumbar support on my son's K-Kart and he loved it. You can find them at Staples or online. I got lucky when a local dollar store had a case of them. The one I used had an elastic strap across the back which is designed to go around an office chair. I placed the elastic around his seat and "sewed" a few zip-ties through the mesh to keep it from sliding around. It lasted 3 years for him. . . Not a bad $1.00 investment.
    It looks huge, but it has lots of spring to it. If you find one in your "just wanna try it" price range - give it a go.
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