Rambler Front Wheel Hub

I thought I had every tool imaginable until I tried to tighten my front wheel hub. It is held in place by a hex bolt. Can anyone tell me the size of that bolt? While your at it, how about the thread size?



  • 10mm hex. Left is LH thread, Right is RH thread. Sure that bolt is loose and not a failing bearing?
  • It has a clicking sound when I turn left, not so when turning right. I have eliminated loose spokes and brake issues. My only remaining guess is that the hub is not sufficiently tight. The trike is only 2 months old. I suspect the mechanic was new to the product.
  • I bought a 10MM hex wrench. It's way too large. Can mine be atypical? Can someone from the factory respond?
  • My bad . Rambler wheel is an 8mm hex. TT UNIVERSITY has a video and proper sizes
  • You will need the 10mm elsewhere..... servicing a free hub. Get a complete set of metrics.TTS are covered w hex heads
  • 8 MM it is. Are most of the other parts metric? Any exceptions?
  • brucecody wrote: »
    8 MM it is. Are most of the other parts metric? Any exceptions?

    All metric.
  • someplace on my Rover there's something that is torx, but for my life I can't remember where or if it's something I put on that's not stock. have at least 4 sets of metrix hexs (hooked together) That way I can usually find at least one after half hour search. Amazing thing is they are always in the last place I look
  • The Torx I remember is on the disk brake bolts. When I swapped out the stock Zoom brakes for BB7's I had a devil of a time with the wrench that came with the new set, getting the old disks off. I had to cut slots into the heads with a dremel and use a flat head to get them off finally.
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