Rack for Rover

So, I have this $20 coupon from REI that's burning a hole in my pocket. I've only been there once but got suckered in to joining the co-op after buying a pair of bike shoes.

Anyway, I need to use this before it expires. Most of the racks listed on their site are Topeak. Does anyone use a Topeak rack? If so, which one? Ideally I could find one that would fit Rover without a lot of hassle.

Here's a link to their page with all racks:



  • Those racks are going to be difficult to fit and use since they're for large size tires like 26"/29". Use the coupon on something else.
  • I'm using a rack for an upright, like 26". It was on my Diamondback. It fits below but there is an angle to it. I attached it to the back of the seat frame, with a hose clamp. I bungee my cooler to the top of it.
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