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I've had mt Rambler for about a week now and was wondering if there is any info on procedures cleaning and lubricating my new treasure. I've not really had a bike worth maintaining prior to this plus the tubes etc are new to me...any suggestions?


  • Green foam cleanser, rinse, dry,then lubricate with a good chain lube like Gold lube or perhaps Boeshield T9. Repeat every 50 - 100 miles if riding on pavement, 30 - 50 if riding on crushed stone.
  • I've owned my trike for over 3 years, lubed the chain only after it was on the back of my car on a rack for 2 days in extreme downpours while I was moving here. I've never washed it. I have brushed off some dust but it doesn't really get dirty if you are not riding though rain or mud.
  • My Rover is 7 years old. I use Boeshield T9 on my chains every 300 miles , and never wash them. Keep my SA 8 adjustment monitored, usually doesn't have to be adjusted. That's about it. 14,000+ miles trouble free.
  • Thanks for the tip on Boeshield T9.

    White Lightning Clean Ride has a re-lube requirement of 50 miles.

    Boeshield's re-lube requirement is 200 miles under the same conditions.

    If I re-lube every 150 miles, it's still big time saver.
  • I use Boeshield T9 on the flat surface of all my woodworking equipment. Wood slides over it like it was wax, but lasts longer than wax. I depend on that stuff!
  • I'm planning to switch to Bioshield T9 over the winter when I swap out to new rings and chain.
  • TCEd wrote: »
    I'm planning to switch to Bioshield T9 over the winter when I swap out to new rings and chain.

    Bioshield T9 is great as it doesn't pick up a lot of dust. It's really dusty here in Tucson.

    I use a Cyclone Park Tool chain cleaner with Simple Green cleaner to scrub the chain. The tool also has a magnet in the bottom which grabs small metallic particles and keeps them from getting back into the chain.
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