Has anyone tried...

... adding a section of boom over the top of the existing boom to raise the cranks-end up 2 inches higher?

Was wondering if anyone had acquired another boom, altering the length, and bolted/welded it to the last section of the boom to increase distance from pedals/chainring to the ground?



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    There was a post somewhere on a Rover that showed a boom modified/bent to give more ground clearance. Required a chain idler to clear seat bottom, I believe. Sorry can't remember where or when.
  • daft thing to sleeve and weld, would think.

    more pedal clearance:

    24-inch wheels only up front - $400
    152mm crankset with big apple tires - $160
    16-inch nexus-8 rear wheel - $300
    kenda flame [20x3] tires up front - $100

    - done done em all
  • You would also make adjustments for the chain line. Also that would void the warranty doing something like that.
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