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Had noticed the right hand brake cable was a bit loose the other day. Went to loosen the small outer aluminum ring before going to adjust it, and it was already loose. Went to thread the knurled cable adjuster out and it was wobbling in the hole - there was no more to let out.
Upon close examination it looked as though this cable adjuster was too loose in the handle, and the small outer ring was like double threaded or something. Never had issues with brake levers before.


Left hand brake looks okay and the outer ring is doing its thing - although it still loosens up. Probably need to double-nut these things.

Might get some photos tomorrow if I remember. The right hand brake cable is too loose, but can still stop when needed. it's that I am not over comfortable with a loose cable - and the adjusters going out of whack in a years time.



  • Sounds like you need to take up some slack on the brake cables down at the calipers not the adjusters on the handles. TT University has a video on brakes adjusting
  • As SquirrelpieO correctly said, brake adjusting 101.

    Brake cables stretch over time.

    Lot's of videos out there on basic brake maintenance.

    Park Tools and YouTube is another great teacher.
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    Are all barrel adjusters this bad towards the end threads?
    Seems albeit loose, probably from my first few months of the thigh bumping into the brake cable. Will have to squeeze that poor excuse of a lock nut in with pliers.

    Is why I wished there were brake cables where the cable came in from the front of the trike, then there would be no cable to get kinked. /grr

    Wanted to get brake noddles, although not sure the noodles would be good enough as looks like I need a more abrupt curve. Unfortunately I'm a large man. Took a photo of myself today and can honestly say cameras hold nothing back. :(

    Since am getting more used to the Rover I'm slowly adjusting the handles back more to give the cables more room from my thigh muscles. The right probably can be pulled in just a tad more as I like to be able to rest the index & middle fingers over the handles in a resting position.

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  • When the brake system is under tension you will not have the flopping around in the brake lever. As others have said the cables need to be retensioned. Brake noodles will help and if you need to you can carefully bend them to a more acute angle. There are other cable directing devices out there. They are similar to the Sram Rollamajig derailleur accessory but designed to be used on brake cables. Google Travel Agent. I have no experience with them but really like the Rollamajig.
  • On my my high racer recumbent I had a set of time trial brake levers. They have the cables come out 180 degrees from most brake levers. They install like bar con shifters. Bunches of them on EBAY. However they are designed for road brake calipers which typically have less cable pull versus Mt bike brakes or disc brakes. Unless you had the road version disc brake calipers on your trike. The answer to your brake cable issue is out there.
  • Idaho did you ever get the problem fixed? Re-adjusted the brake cable fixed it?
  • Finally had time yesterday. Was a nice day, and rode home in the dark & cold. Brr. have to find some ear warmers.

    Think I overdid the tightening on the left side. Since I don't have a bench to work n had to flip the trike on its side. Will have to make another go at this, but it was not rubbing.
    The right side adjuster flops around, and will have to make another go at it. The cable end cap slipped off when I used pliers to hold the cable in position when loosening/tightening the allen bolt. Don't care for loose cable threads...

    Seems I have to either loosen the bolt up to where the swingarm moves freely; or just enough to allow some drag & then pull on the brake lever to adjust the cable. The latter seemed to work better as far as the first ever brake cable adjustment.

    Seen where I made a couple of mistakes, so will go at it again.

    Also noticed the allen bolt that holds the brake onto the trike was more loose on one side, so gently tightened that down. Figured it might have something do do with pad alignment. Rotated both wheels and was no drag.
    Would assume there is some sort of alignment tab or notch on one side, and then the bolt to clamp it down. So maybe this one mount bolt does not adjust the brake pad alignment.

    Don't have a bench or shop to work on my Rover, only the ground using knee pads. ;) It is supposed to rain the next 3 days so won't be able to get out and try a second time till next week when I have more downtime.

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  • Tried adjusting them again. Still a tad too tight, and the right cable housing is not a tight fit - the cable pops in and out a quarter of an inch when braking or releasing. That means the cable housing is too short. Probably from the thigh resting against the bars on coasting.

    Will probably have to take Rover to the LBS to see if I did something wrong as there feels to be drag even though I cannot hear any dragging.

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  • if the cable housing moves tis because the cable is too slack.

    the lockring on the brake lever goes against the lever housing.

    when you adjust brakes, the adjuster barrel needs to be screwed in all the way. you are not compensating for cable stretch over time using those - you are adjusting for pad wear. if you have more than 4 threads showing as you turn the barrel adjuster out, time to screw it back in and tighten the cable at brake attach.

    adjuster barrels are kinda flimsy. if yours had most of the thread showing, probably bent, best to replace.
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    Yeah, probably need to replace the right brake lever assembly.

    When it's turn in all the way it is still good, but the lock ring is junk. Those lock rings never stay tightened, coming loose from mere road vibration.
    The left brake lever is good, although the lock ring still comes loose. Threads are too coarse to stay unless they had two lock rings - or wider versions.

    Cable housing wise: the housing should fit tight from the brake to the lever. Since one cable end got bent over from my leg, the housing became slack.

    If only someone designed a thigh rest/fender to keep a person's thigh from resting against the brake cable adjusters, yet not impeding leg motion when pedaling. :)

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