Why washer spacers under the brake calipers?

I noticed that TT has washers acting as spacers under the brake calipers and over the brake calipers. I know that one of the top washers is removed and replaced when fender struts are mounted. Why however are there spacers under the brake caliper? Every YouTube video I have seen about brake caliper replacements the caliper gets mounted either directly to the frame, yhe fork or to an adapter. No spacers. Anyone know why?


  • In the picture which washers are you referring to? If you mean the two "thickish" washers on the vertical stud with the head just behind the brake cable slack adjuster: They are conical washers on one side that are used to properly align the caliper with the brake disc. When installing/reinstalling the caliper or changing pads these bolts and washers are installed and not quite tightened down completely, then the brake is applied and locked then the bolts snugged down the rest of the way. This allows the calipers to align properly with the disk. N.B.The conical side of the washers must go against the inverse conical side of the fitment. This is the same for Alhonga and Avid BB7 brakes and perhaps others as well.
    Check the TT University link for proper installation and adjustment
  • Thank you for that explanation. Makes a lot of sense. I have never had disc brakes before. Now i understand why they are there for more than one brand of disc brakes.
    The TRP Stryke discs I am installing are different in that they push in from both sides of the rotor. They do not use conical washers, basically install the caliper finger tight, pull the brake lever and while holding it tighten the bolts.
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