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Greetings..1st post.

Love my RAT! I bought the RAT for it's height off the ground. Being a Senior I really have no need for the knobby treads and the rougher ride. I won't be going off road. RAT tires are 24x2.10's. Can some one recommend what to change to? I am also concerned that with a tire change I'll seldom get below gear 16. If I change tires I should probably change out front sprockets, correct? Is that possible?



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    just pump the smart sams up to 50-55 LBS and the ride is smoother.
  • gear 16 on the all terrain has you at 41 gear-inches. gear 20 is ~79 g.i. so if you arent running out of pedal at this point, would wait on regearing.

    if you need more speed, given your 11-40 rear end, a patterson crankset [~$300] might be the simplest route and would have you at 17-98 gear-inches. 24x1.5 high pressure tires would decrease the pedal effort but give you a harsher ride than low pressure balloons.

    dunno what you consider a rough ride. try putting velox tape on the rims and experiment by dropping the smart sam pressure to 30-40 psi or so to gain some suspension. a knobby on the rear wheel is nice to have when meeting mud, wet grass or a sandy path.
  • Those tires are smoother on any surface. If you are near your dealer, go ride a trike with standard tires. The difference is unbelievable.

    I have 24" x 1.95 off road tires and keep them at 50 psi. That gives a smooth ride that can take the bumps and still provide some speed. How fast do you want to go?
  • OK, thanks for the comments and info. Not so much the speed just thinking of the reduced drag equals speed and less noise. My question/s comes from changing out a Mountain Bike knobby tires to street and seeing the increased speed per gear.
    I will wait on the re-gearing.
    Nice comment on the rear wheel being a knobby. I thought of changing just the front buying a set of 2 tires on ebay.
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