Myrracle mirror

Anyone own one of these? Does it move around at all? Do you mount it
inside or outside of your steering arm?
Tightens with an Allen wrench?


  • own 4 of them.
    only moves if you move it.
    inside steering arm.
    allen wrench comes with.

    comes with 2 sizes of expansion plug. save the non-used - you never know. keep the packing with the assembly picture - you never know.

    good stuff!
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    I have one on each side. They are priceless for safety. One important fact is on the wide handlebars they mount differently than on the stock handlebars. That could mean a big difference to you.

    Because my handlebars are modified, I mounted them on the inside which really faces almost forward and they are at eye level. I do have some issue with movement as I tend to hit my hips on them when I get on the trike. But, it's very easy to tighten them. And, they don't move while I'm riding.
  • Make sure you place the flat washers appropriately. Two washers in each joint you want to adjust frequently.Do not over-tighten. excellent product
  • Looking for a mirror that won’t move while riding.
  • I have two on my Catrike Dumont. I recently rode over a few mile stretch of the roughest pavement I've have ever experienced (El Tour de Tucson, fortunately this was the only rough patch in the 37 mile segment!). One of the mirrors suddenly rotated downward. I pulled over, got out my hex key set, and tightened the sucker! I never had another problem. Under normal conditions I never have a problem. Nice thing is you can tighten them as much as you want (uh, don't use a spanner!). I won't have any other brand. BTW, the mounts allow you to put them in just about any configuration.
  • Do you mean it won't shake while you're riding? I don't think one is made that won't have some vibration but the Mirrcycle is much better than a mirror that attaches to a regular handle bar. I have tried both and much prefer the Mirrcycle mirror.
  • Going to buy two this weekend. One for each of us. Could buy local and use Monday as we r going to ride outside once more. Or save $20 and get em shipped. Ones we have been using twist on end of grips. Always returning them to the start position. Thanks for all the replies. Hope you all recovered from da overeating...
  • These mirrors are not eligible for the 25% discount. Only T.T. branded products.
  • Love these mirrors, first thing I added to my Path when I bought it give years ago.
  • My dealer recommended 2 for the tandem. Excellent advice ... left one views along my shoulder, the right I can watch Vickie's face as her audible reactions are not always immediate. Aim them anywhere, they stay.
  • Do you mean it won't shake while you're riding? I don't think one is made that won't have some vibration but the Mirrcycle is much better than a mirror that attaches to a regular handle bar. I have tried both and much prefer the Mirrcycle mirror.

    Oh, clarification... Yes the Mirrcycles do shake on rough pavement and I think any mirror will. I used Mirrcycles on my TT Ramber GT, Catrike 559 and Dumont. I don't think there is any kind of mirror that is stable against vibration. I do believe Mirrcycle mirrors are the most well built of any mirror I've seen.

    And yes, the mirrors shook like crazy on the rough stretch of pavement I described but so did my brains and the fillings in my teeth. Son of a b@#$% it was rough!
  • The best mirror I’ve found so far are the ones clipped to my eyeglass frame. Those give a much better field of view. I also have the myrrcycle on my handlebar but since getting the one for my glass frame I don’t need it much anymore.
  • Take a look is a metal frame model.
  • Killjoy-I have an eyeglass mirror but I wear a Fitover sunglasses which negates using those eyeglass worn mirror.
  • Wonderfull product. Had 2 of them on my Rambler. Solid and stable.

  • I guess I haven’t bought a fixed mirror yet because the trike would have to be rolled 90 degrees to get it thru the back porch door. And that is against my back’s religion. Her Trike centers nicely
    in the back of her van now. We would have to play around with fitting it in there with a fixed mirror on the left side.
    Thanks for the help everyone.
  • Mount them on the inside of the handle bars or use bar end extensions from a DF bike to mount them up....actually works best
  • Finn59, I had that same problem in my condo. But, the modified handlebars allow me to connect them on the inside of the stock handle. Since the bar is set all the way out to the tire, I have a clear view and can still see my shoulder as a reference point.
  • Squirrelpie-r those extensions like a curled item seen in road bike races,
    that help support the forearms?
  • There ARE recipes for squirrel pie on-
    line. Never knew that. Is it like chicken?
  • Do these extensions normally clamp on the outside of handlebar tube? Or can they be fitted inside tube? Thanks.
  • Just want to mention that I have two Mirrycle mirrors- one in the ends of both handle bars. I leave them snug, but not tight. There are two spots I regularly ride that require these mirrors to be folded in till they are flush with the outer edge of the handle bars. So, every day, I move these mirrors out and in a couple of times. I use to ride nice and slow in these two spots whenever I folded the mirrors in, but now I don't even slow down, just fold the the mirrors in and ride through. Never hit one thus far.
  • We have a few spots on local paths that have a cement pillar at the beginning and ends of certain areas to prevent motorized vehicle use. It gets
    tight with the wheels/handle bars. Little
    clearance. Wide armed mirrors might prevent passage. I’m thinking of inside mounting on a higher bar.
  • You might consider putting them on an accessory bar. I can tell you, the higher they are, the more effective they are. I can't live without mine anymore.
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    The handlebar extensions (cheap, cheap) I used are clamped onto the inside edge of my handle bars, upsidedown, so they stick up in the air, sort of. And then the mirrors are mounted in the ends. Puts the mirrors at eye level so you are not glancing down of turning your head, so better focus. I have a super convex stuck on the left (I broke the orig by setting on it) gives great blind spot coverage. One on right (stock) looks straight back over my right shoulder so I can see whats coming further back. Works for me
  • Have a Mirrycle mirror on each side, mounted on the ends of the Versa Bar.
    Have them adjusted fairly tight, yet still a tad loose. That way if I do run into something like a garbage can or bush the mirror twists - instead of breaking.

    These mirrors can be mounted in various fashions. With the Versa Bars being up higher the viewing position is easy and don't need to move around or look down, as they are off to the side.

    Had acquired a Minoura camera mount and was trying the GoPro HERO Session on that. The left side of the camera picks up what is coming up on the side of me. Could probably mount a small mirror wedge to get a better view of traffic behind me and record what is going on in front at the same time. It was an unexpected perk.

    Lights however had to transposed because the TerraTrike plastic/nylon mount broke, again. The CygoLite Dart went on the end of the Rhode Gear bottle holder end plastic nub, and the Bontrager Ion 800R ended up in front of the HERO Session - mounted on the Mirrycle mirror's arm.

    ¬ ITL
  • That traffic had to be annoying. Hope you had yor digeridoo music in your
    ears. Ordered two mirrors for us today. Two day delivery. Maybe Sunday pm we can have a fling before cold front arrives. Look out deep south. Want to get a Christmas card picture of us with our trikes to insert in a few cards. If we had snow dusting that would add a nice
    touch. No traction however. :*
  • Our mirrors arrived today. USPS. Tried out mine tonight. Mounted it on the inside. Have to twist my shoulder to the inside to see her riding behind. I want to keep in on the inside but only higher
    Nice product. Really tight fitting. Think we are done now. Cold coming. Not much snow along Big Lake shoreline forecast in our zip code....yet
  • @IdahoTrailLizard I'd replace those breaking TT mounts with Topeak mounts bought on Amazon. They don't break and they hold strongly.
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