Direct Drive Trainers

Has anyone used a direct drive trainer on their recumbent trike (Traveler for example); such as a CycleOps Hammer or a Wahoo Kickr?
They both look like they would work, but would like to hear from those who have actually trained with one.


  • Elrique64-Thanks for the reply. I should have mentioned I too did a search, and came up with the links you posted. Unfortunately, the trainers discussed are "wheel-on" trainers. Direct drive trainers use a "wheel-off" configuration (see link below).

    I have since discovered the Traveler has a standard fork width which most, if not all direct drive trainers have. Due to an inaccurate measurement on my part, I thought the width was narrower than standard.
  • I just checked out your link RonIA, and I'm still not exactly sure what a direct drive trainer is, once I saw the price listed at the end of that link, I was certain I had no further interest. Good luck with whatever you end up getting.
  • TrikeBirder-I'll try to explain. There are two basic types of trainers; direct drive, and wheel driven. The wheel driven type uses the wheel and tire of your bike to drive the trainer thru friction between the tire and a roller or rollers on the trainer.

    The direct drive type; you must remove the wheel from your bike. This also removes the cassette too, so a cassette must be purchased of the correct size and put on the trainer. You then fasten the bike to the trainer as if you were putting the wheel on, and placing the chain on the cassette.

    Yes, direct drive trainers are expensive. The type you purchase will depend on the training regimen you wish to have. The direct drive trainer will be as close to real-world cycling as you can get. I hope I have helped in understanding.
  • Yep, pretty much what I suspected. Thanks.
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