Chain Ring Guard for RAT

I have a new RAT but I would like a little higher top end but most of all I would like a Guard on my chain ring. Does anyone know if there is a Guard for the stock crank set ( FSA Comet Double 165mm 22/36t ) that comes on the RAT?


  • I just emailed Corp for one for a 2013
    Rover. I had been searching the old posts this am.
  • pure bling! put this on my 2013 rambler:

    picture does not do justice to this jewel. black ring, milled beveled inner flange, cats racing in the direction of pedal rotation etched in base aluminum color. required extra-length chainring bolts came with.
  • No current chain ring guard for a 2013
    Rover. Asked if a newer pedal system like on wife’s 2016 would fit older Rover
  • Found that the crankset from 2016 Rover w/ NiVinci 330 will fit my ancient
    2013 Shimano Nexus Rover. Maybe you can find one to swap for yours as well. Good will hunting.
  • the guard needs to match the bolt pattern and diameter or you large sprocket. Doesn't matter what brand trike the sprocket is mounted onto.
  • repeat of previous post:

    assuming bolted together chainrings, lotsa chain and bash guards out there, just depends on bolt circle diameter of the crankset sprockets. you will need the next size longer chainring bolts for mounting - any good lbs will have those.
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  • Does your RAT have more than one sprocket up front? I just have the one and have or think I have a simpler solution for my problem area, as it is an
    area than needs no more than 3-4” of coverage.
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