Need Help With Dog Harness

Attached is a picture of my dog harnessed to my trike. The harness is designed to attach to the vertical pole of a 2-wheeler. Trikes don't have a similar pole of the same diameter. I attached it to the seat frame back bars on my Rover. But, it continues to fall down. The harness bar is extremely heavy and falls mainly from it's weight. Attached vertically, it would not be able to fall.

The only near vertical poles on the Rover are the handlebars and the seat side frame. I would have to cut through the seat covering to attach it to the seat frame and I just bought a new seat cover so that won't happen. I also could attach it to the handlebars but mine are modified with the weld in the middle and I don't want to screw that up. I thought about putting some type of support around the weld to protect it but I'm not sure where to get one.

Does anyone have any other suggestions on where to attach the harness? It needs to be above the dog to attach to his harness and not injure him the pole needs to be an inch or larger in diameter.aqxy45vly3uk.jpg


  • this might do the trick:

    mount sideways where the frame forks. should be able to bore holes in 1-1/2 pvc pipe so it mounts vertical on the non-chainside of the frame. secure the tube to the seat, insert your tether pipe.

    you can bore out the seat tube plug to 1/4 inch if you wanted to insert a threaded rod through the seat fabric grommet for a hardware attach. wrapped bungee would probably be simpler.
  • Mount it on the off side's seat back bar. Then use a bungy to tie it down to the onside bar.

    It will bring the dog closer to the frame, which could be a downside to this idea, though.
  • I wasn't sure if you had seen this or not. It looks similar to what you are using. I just wonder if maybe Utah Trikes makes some "universal fit" hardware that you might use.
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    I had looked up the harness on then went on to another website where you get advertisements from the sites you frequent. This time it was worth while. They have a leash attachment that bolts to the rear when axle.

    I think this will be too low to the ground to attach to the top of my dog's harness but, clearly, the company is willing to modify it's equipment. I will contact them to see what they do for me and other trike riders. Last time we rode, he was pulling me. No need for an electric motor. Mine is canine!
  • Florida_bound, your remark reminded me of a DPU (Dog Propulsion Unit) I saw at least two or three years before I even considered a trike.

    A man came up my street riding a trike and attached on either side of the rear were two large Weimaraner dogs. He was scooting right along and I don't think he was even pedaling. I watched in a awe as he went by. Interesting.

    Later, maybe several months, my wife and I were taking a walk along a local athletic field park. The walkway was along a busy, busy street and ahead of us was stopped a man on a trike and his dog. As we approached I could see the man twisting in his seat and trying to reach the dog. Apparently the dog had become semi-detached from his harness and the man was trying to fix the situation.

    I discovered that the man was handicapped and could not get up off the trike to deal with the situation. This Weimaraner (this was the man I had originally seen) was very strong and difficult to handle easily. As my wife stood off the curb watching approaching traffic I managed to get the dog reattached. I was able to help and the man went on his way. I never saw him again.

    I have no idea what kind of trike he was on or exactly how the dog was attached. All I can recall was that the dog was attached by his harness and very close along side of the trike. I have no memory of exactly how the dog was attached. I do vividly remember how strong the dog was and how easily it could propel the trike. Thanks for bringing up the memory.
  • I try to go slow enough so the dog can trot rather than a full out run. But, sometimes he starts running and pulling me. Now if I can train him to do it uphill, we'll really have something.
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