Brake pads align with rotor

Finally got that grease in the mail. Was putting left tire/wheel back on and noticed rotor was deflecting as I used brake. Took lower caliper off to remove wheel and was reassembling. It was the inside of the pads weren’t parallel with the rotor. I watched TT University
and played with that adjustment that moves one pad in and out. Once I torqued the cap bolt back on it squared the pads slightly but still bending of the rotor occurs. Who wants to be the first
guest to offer a solution.


  • Found an old post that explained it. Thanks. Kick off is nye
  • Rotor deflects less now. Still a touch. Did em at halftime. Now I just have shorten the brake cable length...
  • Eagles win!
  • I saw that. Great game. Brady can retire now.
  • There are many youtube videos showing how to do it. "Some" bending of the rotor is "normal" didn't know how much yours bends?? Sram/Avid has instructions on how to adjust them also. Best wishes!
  • Rotor is supposed to bend as only one pad moves pushing the rotor against the fixed pad.
  • Anyone switch out their brake cable recently? Can one only buy a single 3’
    piece then add the crimps? Can one buy the items on then cable ends that get inserted into brake lever end? Thanks.
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    Cable packs generally are cheap and come with the cable with two ends swaged on already. You cut off the end that you don't need.(Different shifters/controls use different ends) and insert the cable into the old or new cable housing. Also will need a few of those cable end covers that keep cable from unravelling. Just insert cable into them and crimp them w pliers. Bought a pkg of 200 off Amazon for $3.40. Handy to have.
    Changed both my cables and housing as housing can get kinked and sticky. Inexpensive items to replace.

    Also might consider a cable cutter as those suckers are difficult (or impossible) to cut cleanly w that crappy set of side cutters in your tool box. Wish I had... but haven't
  • There is a 10 pal now on Amazon for $10.75 pr close to that. Good reviews. Has the crimping sleeves. No brake housing however. Do brake cable
    come in diff widths? mm’s?
  • Has there been a solid brake cable, not a multi stranded one?
  • i replace cables and housings at the same time. go to the lbs, got standard brake cables, they cut brake housings to my desired length and gave me cable and housing caps no charge.

    single wire would work-harden so cables are braided stainless steel. park tool combo cable and housing cutter very nice to have. for the shifter i got the standard tandem length cable and a generous hunk of shifter housing. i found having longer shifter and brake cables easier to route out of the way than the oem trike lengths.

    expect there are a few bikes still on the road that use brake rods, would think trike too recent a development for that.
  • Do you have to replace the housing? I had my shift cable go bad because my leg was hitting it as I pedaled not long after I bought the trike. The lbs only put a new cable in the housing and it still works fine three years later.

    I had the lbs replace my brake cables with longer ones a year ago. But, next time I'm only replacing the inner cable.
  • Thinking of only changing the inner
    cables. Corporate emailed that they
    are 1.6mm dia.
  • What do those three hex bolts? adjust on the caliper? Just watched a YouTube video that adjusted the non moving brake pad on a BB7 system. What do Rovers use? Saw 3 diff brake pads in the TT parts area.
  • Probably have Alhongas. Should say on actuation arm. Two align and hold caliper to mount. Two hold out to frame. One nut for actuator arm
  • That name looks familiar when I had one side off and got the mud all warshed off :p maybe I should get pads now whilest still available. This brand not used anymore?
  • TT still uses Alhongas - I can't figure out what pads to order because none of the pads sold on TT site say Alhonga. They say BB7 or Zoom.
  • There are BB5 as well. All a different shape.
  • A dozen diff disc pad choices on alhongs web site.
  • Ebay is selling disc pads from UK, Australia, South Korea and Hong Kong. Just the first page listings...
  • Company is in Taiwan and Vietnam. Some from UK offer free shipping.
  • Here is my caliper with the two pads visible. Two bolts holding haves of caliper together are real tight. Can I swap out/ remove old pads as is? They look to be rectangle in shape. Was hoping to get them out to find a number on them.
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    You don't take or split the caliper apart to remove pads. There is a tiny hex head pin that goes through the top of both pads.... other side of your picture...and then the pads just drop out. Your pads in pictures don't look worn out . Clean them up with some alcohol and some Emory cloth. Also clean up the piston/caliper interface to make sure not sticking. Do not remove ...unscrew... piston from caliper body as nearly impossible to reassemble . Clean rotors as well
  • from the picture, your fixed-side screw is too far out: it should be flush with the housing. pads look good for another year.

    with the brake cable detached, both pads need to be positioned so the rotor cannot contact the sides of the brake housing - the rotor is quite capable of milling the housing.

    looks like you have a frayed cable-strand so time to change cable. if reusing the housing, squirt some wd-40 in it to drive out moisture and gunk - hang it up to drain.

    on the alhongas, you have 2 adjusts for the moveable pad. think of the socket at the brake lever as cable-stretch compensation, the socket on the housing as pad-wear compensation - same thing as bb-7 smaller red adjuster, just not as fancy.

    been awhile but cross-match pad numbers were available on the web - took a bit of searching. me - would just call terratrike customer support and order new pads if you think you need them.

    if the rotors are glazed, 400 grit sandpaper works. not the best of ideas to remove the rotors for lapping unless you have new rotor bolts, a torque wrench, and T-25 bit.
  • Got one side’s pad off. Number didn’t match any of those on Alhonga’s site. Oh lucky me. Emailed them. I’ll try TT. No way to send a foto to Alhonga.
  • There can’t be much worn off. Otherwise new pads won’t clear the edge of rotor, correct???
  • Finn those pads look great!1 Got lots of "meat" on them (Pad material). NO need to replace them unless they have had oil on them. I'd take them clean with sandpaper then alcohol and re-install adjust and go man go!
  • A lil over 1/16” pad left on second set I took off today. No numbers discernible
    on those. If they are readily available i’d Like to get a pair for the future. I don’t know how quick they wear. When a stop is ahead I coast and shift so am not carrying speed into the intersection.
  • Corporate TT sez they carry those brake pads. Another item not on the parts/accessories page(s). Maybe when the new forum is up running the
    parts pages will show more. We can dream...
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