Bike Cargo Trailer

No bike/trike trailer can work well for all situations, but a having a general purpose trailer on hand would have been handy to have on several occasions already. My internet search has narrowed, and now I am looking for the voice of experience. If you have experience with any particular brand/model trailer, or even a basic type of trailer (suspension or not, one wheel or two, etc.), I would really appreciate you sharing your experience here.


  • I too have looked into getting a trailer, but it became sensory overload. :o

    I read review after review and watched every YouTube video I could find. I've yet to make a decision. For the money and the quality it looks like Burley is one of the best. Personally I'm looking for a cargo trailer and Burley allows putting the tongue on either side, adding a rack, breaking it down, adding a rain cover, etc. I'm inclined to lean that way, but I haven't pulled the trigger.

    There are some good photos at There are kits out there as well as people who have built their own or modified one they bought. You can have one or two wheels. It boggles! If you get/build one I hope you'll come back here and tell use about it. Good luck. :)
  • nature of the beast with single-wheels is that they lean when turning. ok thing with a bike doing same but with trike you get the frame torqued in turns.

    trailer suspension? big apples at low pressure. a wike trailer diy kit allows you to fit the trailer to your needs - secure lockable cargo protection if you build it around a rubbermaid action-packer. make the tote easily removable and you can have a flatbed for different hauling need.

    got rid of the bob - a beast to disconnect and move when laden.

    needs change, currently on the third rebuild of my wike in 5 years of use - good product. i have mine rigged so left-side attached there are rails to contain cargo, or flipping the trailer over for right-side attach, a flat-bed configuration.
  • ...and you go camping taking one of these to hold supplies? Tent?
  • JamesR, Great suggestion building a trailer around a Rubbermaid Action-Packer. Unfortunately, I have neither the skills nor the tools/equipment to accomplish such a task. And I'm a little confused as to why "...years of use - good product" required 3 rebuilds in 5 years?! I'm betting there is a lot more to this story that you have yet to disclose.

    Initially, when first asking the question I felt a little silly, as it is easy to just buy one and determine what I like and don't like. But I am so glad I asked the question as once again, I have received quite an education.

    I have a buddy who has a Tour II and frequently pulls a single-wheeled "BOB" trailer (anyone know why the name BOB?). It seems to work great and track great. It has no suspension, and I have seen it bounce around quite a bit whenever there was a pot hole. So I was leaning toward an Ibex BOB trailer (single wheel w/suspension). Now I am not sure what I will get. I guess I'd like to find something with 2 wheels (20" seems ideal), suspension (but I have yet to see a 2-wheeled trailer with suspension?), can fold flat (for storage), a #120+ weight capacity, <#20 trailer weight, and waterproof storage (but that's easily achieved).

    Who knew that a single wheel trailer could/would flex the trike frame- ICE trikes specifically say to never use a single wheeled trailer with their trikes! And I have read that a heavy loaded two-wheeled trailer can actually flip a trike?! I guess I have a lot to think about.
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