Shoes For Different Seasons

I know many of you have bought expensive riding shoes but do you have different pairs for the different weather? I bought a larger pair of sneakers for riding in the winter. They allow me to wear two pairs of socks which do a great job of keeping my toes warm. In the summer, I don't wear socks at all but have smaller shoes for that time.

Do you guys do the same? What do you wear in extreme cold weather. I can add more clothes to keep my body warm. A hoodie keeps my head warm and Isotoner gloves are great for my hands. But, I haven't found a good solution for my ankles and feet. If the feet get too cold, they fall off the pedals and then I'm really in trouble.

What do all of you wear?


  • Florida_bound, I've always worn compression pants because I'm prone to sunburn. With them I have stretchy high top socks pulled up over the pants cuffs.

    Because of my wide feet I had trouble finding shoes, but finally found a pair of Shimano shoes that would work (with SPD cleats). The shoe material has net type sections, so to keep my feet warm I use "Hot Hands" heat insoles and/or toe inserts (depends on the temperature) to keep my feet/toes toasty warm (I have some loss of feeling in my feet because of the diabetes). When I was in Arkansas the cold was a serious consideration, but living here in Southern Arizona it's not quite the issue.

    One thing I did find in Arkansas was a pair of sweat pants at Sears that were advertised as "winter" running gear. I was skeptical because cold air rips right through sweat pants normally. I tested them by putting my hand inside the material then trying to blow air through the material against my hand. Incredible! It blocked just about all the air. I was amazed.

    What was most incredible was that by chance I happened to notice the rack as I walked into the store. It was two days before Christmas and I wasn't looking for anything in particular. They were on sale for half price to boot. Now that was a find. :o
  • I usually wear sweat pants and they keep my legs warm but air goes up the ankle opening. I was thinking of finding some kind of athletic boot that would cover the ankles and put foot straps on the pants.

    We hit 74 with sunshine yesterday so I'll wait until next fall to worry about it.
  • I’ve seen “booties” that look like a neoprene product that pull over your shoe/sock. Might keep the wind from penetrating inside to your skin. Thought I saw in ‘Bicycling’ when I subscribed to that magazine.
  • A number of bike shoe makers also make SPD sandals. Shimano and Nashbar, for 2. The only issue is that you can't seem to find them in the stores, making it nearly impossible to know what size to get (they are Euro sized and it varies from maker to maker)
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