Seat movement

I just got my Rover and am having a problem with my seat moving. I have a half inch difference in my legs and I think I shift in the seat to reach the right pedal. The dealer has adjusted the seat and tightened twice. But they said if I push on pedals to stay in sit properly seat may move and there would be no way to tighten it enough.Has anyone else had a problem with the seat moving? If so any suggestions would be appreciated.


  • Buy a 2-inch U bolt and place it behind the seat on the beam. Also, buy some rubber to put between the U bolt and the beam to protect it. That will keep the seat in the same position all the time. I struggled with this same problem and this is the only true solution that I have found.
  • With a half-inch difference in your leg length, it may be a good idea to get your LBS to customize your crankset, with a 165mm arm for the shorter leg, leaving the 170mm for the longer one. This should help balance the forces that are pushing against the seat.
  • Inner tube rubber material.
  • Or just add a block of wood to the pedal for the shorter leg.
  • Get heel slings if you don’t have them already. Especially with a wood piece
    used. Slippery when you hit a bump. Clearcoat the wood so it lasts.
  • Thanks for all the advice did add the u bolt. Got a slight movement but much better.
    Has anyone seen an easy load tray rack. Saw it online. Looks nice but expensive. It was at Bend it cycle
  • My seat was moving (not due to leg length) and I used cut strips of inner tube (to prevent marring the paint) and hose clamps over them. One on each side of the seat post. Works great.
  • That works also. But, you have to put rubber under which ever you use.
  • I kept thinking about my seat movement and I realized that the u bolt suggestion should have worked for me even with a slight difference in leg length. So I stewed on it until I decided to call terratrike. They sent me a new seat clamp for free and said to use to old one behind it with an m8 70-75 bolt and lock nut. It is just a wider heavier version of the one I used.I put a piece of tape down to check for movement. 50+ miles later and no movement. Thanks everyone for you help.
  • I agree with Florida bound, a U bolt with rubber under will work.
    Been there, done that.
    Glad you have the issue corrected.
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